Snuffly sniff (an inside Landfill joke🐽)

This lovely is Softy Beanbag, a fave personality since just about forever. She dates from a big birthday party we held a bazillion years ago for the younger beach urchin. In addition to all of the younger kids, we also invited a friend of the older beach urchin for “company”. I’m thinking this was 4th and 1st grade. We didn’t expect her to bring a gift but she did and it was Softy Beanbag.

My 🐭 pretty much immediately dressed her up in some lace panties and a couple other clothing items that I *think* The Commander made but maybe they were in fact stolen from a doll or whatever. The next time I met up with the moom who helped choose Softy and showed her the lace panties, she CRACKED UP!

I may say too much here but Softy’s owner was/is what I learned to call a spirited child/person. I suspect I was similar but I am old and taaaaared now and prefer to watch the children play. Like Becquet (6 today, I THINK) learning to ride a two-wheeler and Branch Manager Petra (2 years) carrying a branch almost as big as she. But I digress.

There were times when I was at the moomincabin with my kids without the GG. He was gainfully employed and I wasn’t. The reverse is true today. Softy’s owner approached telephone calls with her dad (or anyone) with quite a bit of trepidation in those days. I don’t particularly do well with phone calls myself so I understood this. Softy was usually tasked to stay on The Planet Ann Arbor with the GG in those days, so when we connected by telephone, he would put Softy on the phone to talk to the younger beach urchin.

Softy Beanbag is still here at the Landfill and although we may eventually adopt out a lot of our stuffed aminals, Softy will stay here with us. Her owner is a full-fledged adult now and doesn’t need to talk to the GG or anyone through Softy.

One Response to “Snuffly sniff (an inside Landfill joke🐽)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s a great story! Excellent strategy. Can I borrow Softy to yell at Comcast for me?