Catching rays

That’s what I was doing when I looked up to get this pic of the leafless tree above me. I don’t think I actually noticed the plane and its vapor trail until after I took the pic?

Doesn’t our blue sky look beautiful? It is and it was in the 60s when I took the pic. Mouse was doing an outside visit before her work. Her purpose was to take pics of the Frog Hopper so she can sell it but she and the GG were walking around the yard talking about gardening and composting and whatever. I am a TERRIBLE gardener. I like the idea of growing things but I don’t find it very much fun. The GG mentioned some ideas that I hope he acts on.

As much as we are enjoying Mr. Golden Sun, man oh man, do we need rain! Notice I didn’t say we needed snow. Done with snow for 2021 although I am pretty sure we’ll get more. We’re now at that post spring equinox time of year that when we do get snow, I don’t usually bother shoveling because I know it will probably melt the next day and not re-freeze as a slick sheet of ice. But we do need rain. A lot of it.

I finished Firekeeper’s Daughter today. I could certainly spot some flaws but I loved this book. It was set in my home town. There were a couple of locations that I didn’t exactly recognize but mostly I did and I could sorta figger where the protagonist lived, which *may* have been up in the neighborhoods on the escarpment where my parents lived when they bought my grandparents’ retirement home, which was comfortable but certainly not fancy. It took a couple of years to sell that place

I might have more to say about this book but in the meantime, I am wrapped up in COVID vaccination discussions, aka we’re getting there. Once again, I am sooooo glad my parents didn’t have to deal with this crapola. Oh man, all the days we had lunch at Penny’s Kitchen and Karl’s Cuisine and the Palace Saloon. Love the little city of Sault Ste. Siberia.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ooh, I love the blue sky–so therapeutic! Today was a mix of everything here: sun, rain and hail.