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The call interrupted my VERY IMPORTANT (🐽🐽🐽) work this afternoon. “Will you go out to the Hoton Lake webcam and copy a bunch of pics down into a folder?” Why? Because the next door neighbors had their garage torn down today. And so I did. (And BTW, I didn’t know I could drag photos from my browser into a folder until today).

This is a change worth documenting. The cFam bought their land/cabin back in the 60s. At the time, most of the cabins were very rustic sometimes ramshackle structures. They did have indoor plumbing because with the population density in that area even then, outhouses and even septic tanks would be a bad idea. Otherwise? The cFam cabin was set on a slab and when the yard flooded (often), the cabin flooded. We used to joke that the Gumper (a WWII Navy guy who served on the Hornet) was trying to use caulk to keep the water from coming in.

And then there was the time that we and our toddler daughter turned in upstairs late one Friday evening. As we were settling down, the Uncly Uncle arrived and promptly dropped his pillow into a few inches (yes) of water downstairs in the kitchen. Splash-Shit!

One time I was prattling along with a couple of Haisley moms about the cFam cabin’s flooding problems. At a break in my monologue, an open-mouthed mom asked something like, “Doesn’t that rot out the walls?” Well, yes. Yes it does. LOL!

Eventually, a few years after the Gumper died, his children formed an ownership LLC and they tore the place down and built a new, modern chalet-style dwelling. Modern heat and plumbing and laundry facilities and probably most important it is built high enough that no amount of water in the yard can flood it.

The cFam neighbors that we knew for many years were the same ones the cFam kids knew when they were kids in the 60s. Those folks are dead and the new folks who bought that rustic cabin are apparently working on updating their property.

I don’t watch the Hoton Lake webcam frequently but others do. One of the funniest, if you want to call it that, series of webcam pics happened a bunch of years ago. I was working at Cubelandia and the GG told me to look at the webcam. In the first pic, the pontoon bote was there safely in its hoist. In the next pic, like 20 minutes later, THERE WAS NO BOTE! Say what? TORNADO… It’s okay. The Bote Boyz (cFam and outlaws) fixed it all up quick and we’ve been taking it to the Tiki Bar ever since. Except last summer…

I haven’t been to Hoton Lake since February 2020 because COVID. Miss it and hope to get back soon, after VAX.

2 Responses to “Observed activity”

  1. jane Says:

    Wow. Looks like the whole building fit into one big dumpster!

  2. Margaret Says:

    That would be interesting to watch. I like the process of building AND dismantling. 🙂