Well. One thing that happens tomorrow is that the Soo Locks opens for the 2021 season. It’s happening a day early, midnight tonight, March 24th. I’m not exactly sure when this pic was taken. It was at least 10 years ago or so? It prob’ly wasn’t the Polar Vortex Year (2014) because we wouldn’t have been walking the beach that winter and the botes navigating Gitchee Gumee were ramming through the ice they were locked in.

I continue to be extremely upset and befuddled about some of the incoherent political rants I see on facebook from people I think should know better. I dunno if any of these folks read my blahg but I am kinda horrified. I dunno why y’all/yous (facebook posters) think that the Orange Baboon did anything to help our country. Did y’all/yous ever read any of his tweets? No. You didn’t. And you said so. Y’all/yous should have. He doesn’t care about you.

I’m angry but I kinda get that you are concerned about your/our retaaaaarment income. I am concerned too but I’m probably okay but I am concerned about other folks. Read (or watch) Nomadland. I LOVE to travel around in our cute little Lyme Lounge camping trailer. But. I DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE IN THE LYME LOUNGE FULL TIME! I love sleeping in it parked next to the moomincabin or the Group Home or a state park near a bathroom with showers, or even the driveway at our house. We do not live in the Lyme Lounge because it’s the only dwelling we own.

And if you are in a position to actually pay your employees enough wages to pay for housing, food, utilities, and health care, PLEASE PAY FOR THAT! And don’t complain about Obamacare…

One Response to “Tomorrow”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s like some people didn’t read his tweets, listen to what he said, pay attention to all his golfing, his filling the WH with his own unqualified family and important positions with also unqualified friends, his constant pathological lying… I could go on, but you get the idea.