Build price daff

A semi-frustrational day in terms of technology. Work? Zipping folders full of bajillions of files so as to store them in a different place than where they are right now, which is on a Jurassic Age “drive” somewhere. I’m not sure I totally trust file zipping. I mean, it’s fine for short term things like sending big “things” to people. Long-term storage, I am iffy about. I tried to open a zipped file from 2008 (the year I bought the Ninja) and it took something like four hours and I dunno if the files were extract-able after all that. I suggested we just trash all the zip files, at least the old ones. I have the *real* files on my hard drive and can zip them from there. Yes, I know that’s a dangerous place to keep important files and yes, we sometimes DO look at stuff from 2008, at least IIIIII do.

So I spent some time zipping up folders on my hard drive and posting them to, well, wherever. Until I hit a folder that wouldn’t zip because some file name had an invalid character in it. Nope… I won’t try to describe this but it was EOD and I was dun dun dun. I’ll troubleshoot it tomorrow. And maybe advocate for saving all this stuff in a non-zipped format. Somewhere besides my hard drive. Oh don’t worry. The loss of any of these files/folders doesn’t pose a threat to the on-line banking biz. It just provides a place for meeee to do archaeological digs when we’re trying to figure out why we decided to design something the way we did and if we want to change that or not. Some “Young Turk” could come in and cut my head off.

I decided not to try to figger this out tonight but I’ll be dogging it tomorrow.

And then there was family where us remaining MacMu cousins (six now, originally nine, three families have one child left, the fourth has all three, which is a great thing!) are trying to update our contact info in a collective way. This is not the first time we’ve done this but it might be the first time since a lot of us have ditched our landlines.

In the midst of trying to update my billion years old addresses excel spreadsheet, I could 1) not load Excel without setting a new password and 2) my addresses file wouldn’t load, even though I loaded it within the last month, on my NEW laptop, AFTER I bought the new Microsoft subscription and have edited the file since then. Well plus I had to update my frickin’ password today… 💩

My address file is backed up and it’s still on my OLD Macbook pro so maybe I can eventually get it onto my new laptop. The problem is that it doesn’t have a USB port.

I decided not to try to figger this out tonight but I’ll be dogging it tomorrow. Or maybe this weekend, since I have to yaknow, WORK tomorrow,

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Complicated! Even more than one photo that I try to download comes in as a zip that I then have to unzip. Bah. The wireless printer that I’ve been running with a USB since I couldn’t get it to work (and John got it hooked up wirelessly) is now misbehaving yet again. Technology can be a real pain in the you know where.