Haaaaaanging around

Worked on Deep Purple today. I have been sporadically working on decluttering Deep Purple for a while.

Deep Purple is a bedroom. During our tenure at the Landfill, it spent a short period as a spare bedroom, mainly one where The Grandparents stayed when they visited. I slept with my infants the first year and a half or so. And no, no one EVER rolled over on them. As a new mother, I was a very light sleeper.

By the time the second beach urchin came along, we had pretty successfully moved the first one into Deep Purple, which was NOT purple in those days. Green green green. Grass green.

When it was time for the second beach urchin to join the first (they shared Deep Purple for quite a few years), the first was NOT particularly happy until I suggested it might be nice to have a “little warm breather” in the same room. I dunno why but that seemed to make it okay.

Eventually we converted the third bedroom-like space into an actual bedroom for the older beach urchin. Maybe 6th grade? And Deep Purple turned into the younger’s bedroom. Which she painted deep purple in high school. With permission. I had to laugh though. This prodject took a looonnng time and she moved stuff outta that room into our front living room for the duration. LofPNet across the street came over cracking up one day. HIS daughter, a middle-schooler, had been viewing our living room through a telescope and was convinced that one artifact was a cage for a MYNA BIRD! If you know me, you know I was rolling on the floor laughing.

So Deep Purple goes in and out of various phases of clutter and today I finished emptying the closet of abandoned clothing and HANGERS! The abandoned clothing is in five grocery bags awaiting perusal by its owner. If it isn’t raining tomorrow morning, this box of haaaaangers is going out to the curb. We’ll see if anyone picks any of them up. Do people want old hangers? Note that most of these hangers were not, uh, hanging anything.

TOMORROW so I don’t forget… I am gonna… 1) UNBLOCK that back sliding door in the back room. It is blocked with faaaaarwood, which we aren’t gonna use any more this year and I HATE BLOCKED DOORS, even though that door is probably the last exit we would use in case of emergency. It’s more a feng shui kinda thing, not that I know anything about feng shui, just that blocked doors drive me BANANANANANAS. 2) BUILD MY BLASTED DAFF ALREADY!

3 Responses to “Haaaaaanging around”

  1. Isa Says:

    What is a daff???

  2. Pooh Says:

    The plastic hangars look like some I bought at Target. The brand name was Soo Plastics! I don’t know if it had any connections to either of the Saults or not.

  3. Margaret Says:

    Daff? Deep purple is a pretty color, but hard to paint over with a lighter color. That’s my excuse for keeping my walls boring beige. (except now the house is mostly warm gray) I go through spurts of getting rid of things, mostly when Ashley is here to help. Much of it is her stuff.