Suddenly greeeeeeen

When I walked yesterday things were not green. This morning I took off and look at the green leaves everywhere. And yes there is forsythia. It is everywhere. Except there is only a bitsy little sprig in my yard. But we had a bit of rain yesterday and look at all the green.

The GG did a bunch of trail maintenance today on the North Country Trail. 20 trees down on whatever section he was working? Yeah maybe. I did a small amount of trail maintenance here at the Landfill. That is, I cleared a path to the back door. Moved faaaarwood and kindling outside and put newspaper and non-metallic xmas wrapping paper into the recycle.

Other than that, I dumped off a couple garbage bags of old clothing into a drop box. Yes, really. Man oh man. Back in like September 2019, I put together a garbage bag of crappy old clothes. I put it in the Ninja’s trunk. I had every intention of dropping it off somewhere. It didn’t happen. I dunno why. Then the pandemic happened. The bag stayed in the Ninja’s trunk forever. At some point I think the GG took that bag and a couple others, including a lot of my bizcaz clothing to the Salvation Army once they kind of opened again. But then a lot of those places kind of closed up again. This was a different bag but still one that I had a hard time dropping off. But I did it!

I’m kind of taaared in general tonight. I don’t get depressed in general but some days are “happier” than others and parts of today I felt kind of down. But things that helped with that low-level depression were that 1) I was able to quickly fix an issue with the Hoton Lake webcams and 2) fun flute convo with a daughter and 3) connecting on FB with my late cousin’s husband.

Life is like a river and this last year has not been all that fun. Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “Suddenly greeeeeeen”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Life is like a river and sometimes we get water in our nose or feel like we’re drowning. At least I do. Glad that the mood improved. I’m working on mine.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I hope that all that green helps your mood. Love to you!