Being an introvert turns out to be not all that bad, at least during a pandemic

Yeah, introvert. That’s me. Shy kid. Kindergarten. When it was “free choice” time (or whatever it was), I stood frozen in the middle of the circle until the teacher said, “KW, go to a table.”

First grade. I arrive at school before the bell rings. A giggling gaggle of girls goes inside the school *anyway*. I am not disliked by them, I’m just not “part” of them. I enter the school a bit after them. I am alone. The janitor is walking by. “You. Out!”, he says. I slink back out. For all I know, he had found the gaggle and kicked them out some other door but still.

Always nervous about speaking in front of groups. And talking to boyz I was attracted to. Paralyzed about job interviews. Well, I’m sure I am STILL paralyzed about job interviews but it’s now a moot point because I don’t have to do them any more. Somehow I could play my flute in front of people. Not sure why that was different. I was nervous but not anywhere near paralyzed.

So the definition of “introvert” has been shifting in the last few years. What? Introverts actually LIKE people? Who knew? I know. I do like people. I love to cackle away with my friends. I just don’t do well in big groups of them. So interacting with lots of people tires introverts? Yes yes yes yes!

I hate the pandemic and I am horrified that my own state of Michigan is struggling with yet another spike. Our governor tried to shut things down early on and a bunch of nincompoops actually tried to kidnap her. She (aka the state health department) should be shutting things down again. I support her and know why she is reticent about this.

All that said, the pandemic has not been terrible for us introverts. I get to interact with work folks and friends from my computer. Presentations are still hard but we manage them well. We may someday meet in conference rooms but for now, a year into this pandemic crapola, we are doing fine.

Gaggle or not, I have had good friends throughout my life, probably even some of the gaggle girls. I do very well at “safe” parties, like family parties, etc.

DISCLAIMER: Again, I know that I can enjoy working from home during the pandemic because my employer has encouraged this and because they pay me enough that I can afford to get groceries and other supplies delivered or curbside. This is not easy for anyone who has to work in person or who can’t afford to buy food.

One Response to “Being an introvert turns out to be not all that bad, at least during a pandemic”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I consider myself an outgoing introvert, but the pandemic has sucked for me in many ways. (daughters back east, the loss of my social life) Part of it is probably because I live alone and thus depended on the outings and interactions. Both my girls are introverts; Alison seems to have done better with the isolation than Ashley. Tough to have a new baby and not be able to get out anywhere.