Office view

This could be my office view but it isn’t really because this is out my backyard and I have commandeered the Green Couch, which provides a wonderful view of all neighborhood activity.

This activity has not much changed over the last yyyyyeeeeeaaaaaarrrrr but some of the characters have. I see the neighbors on both sides every day. Those to the south have recently introduced a beeceeclette for their *six* year old. She doesn’t seem to pedal yet but she is a force of nature and will get there. Neighbors to the north began the pandemic with a one-year-old and, at two, she is not always content to ride in the stroller. I have seen her mom and/or dad carry her home crying like all getout a couple times but that’s how it goes, roight?

For months and months, there was a kid who walked by solo every day. A skinny little kid who looked 9-10 to me with some sorta Peter Frampton hair, I mean the kind of hair Frampton had back in the day, I think he has less now. Frampton, not the kid. I dunno where this kid was walking from or to but once I saw him way the heck down on Miller, so it seemed he was walking a long way. I haven’t seen him since like September so who knows. On the other hand, there’s a gay couple (I’m guessing) who have been walking by the whole time, sometimes masked, sometimes not.

Yesterday I saw my long time neighbors from around the corner pushing a baby stroller. Say what? So, Gladys Kravitz here. They don’t have grandchildren do they? I didn’t think so. I know their kids and my kids are FRIENDS with their kids. Something that momentous would have been communicated to me. Best guess is they were baby-sitting for a relative.

So, Gladys Kravitz? If you are my age, you probably know the name. I was texting with my older beach urchin tonight and I asked if she remembered Gladys Kravitz. Yes, she did but she wasn’t sure about which TV show Gladys was on. Well, it was Bewitched, which she called B-witch. She knows that show because… When she was in kindergarten, she would frequently lolly-gag about getting dressed for school. Bewitched re-runs at that time ran in the morning and I would put the TV on in my bedroom and somehow that helped her focus on getting dressed. The dreaded “screens” are not always all that bad.

One Response to “Office view”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Gladys had SUCH an annoying voice. What was her husband’s name? She would always call him over to look and he would roll his eyes.