Where was I?

Oh yeah. So I walked out the door at 0-skunk-30 and the presence of a neon-green vested person in the street along with an “ashphalt” truck and some little black and orange doodlies promised an interesting day in TeleCubelandia. And yes, repaving some sections of the street that were dug up to get at the gas infrastructure went on throughout the day. Along with all the regular walkers and runners and dog-walkers and the guy with the scooter.

Although I was able to watch a lot of it, work was nutso today, as it has been all week. I swear I logged on Monday morning and aside from a very small task, I wasn’t sure what I did for a living. I finished the small task and was immediately beset by a barrage of questions. One very simple thing (or so I thought) blew up into so many complications that we had to schedule a MEETING to deal with it. Then yesterday… Was it Tuesday? Yes it was… It was one of those days when you fergit what day it is. Except throughout the day, I was back and forth between thinking it was Monday and thinking it was Wednesday.

At the end of today (Wednesday, roight?), Amazon Woman and I met yet again to try to talk through some sticky issues. After a meeting of minds about the history surrounding how one particular issue got as far out to lunch as it has, she scheduled a MEETING to try to deal with it. Me? We need to slow way down and take baby steps through the necessary functionality to understand it…

I don’t really want to talk about COVID today but as a friend has reported an additional COVID death among friends, I am just shaking my head. If you aren’t afraid of getting sick yourself, at least think about some other side effects of your choice for “freedom”. Like those who are more vulnerable than you may be, noting that COVID seemingly randomly takes victims in populations that are not “at risk” and more severe cases are rising in younger people as variants spread. That may be YOOOOUUU. Also, please think of our health care workers who continue to be overwhelmed. I think I am mainly preaching to the choir but still.

At the end of the day, I schlepped outta the Landfill and over to the woods to check out the Trout Lilies. I had seen the leaves a few days ago. They are now blooming and they blanket many parts of our little woods. I did not find jitp today. Will be monitoring.

2 Responses to “Where was I?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We are definitely not out of the woods with the virus–not even close. I wish people would pay attention to facts and science and act accordingly. It’s SO frustrating to still be dealing with the ignorance and selfishness over a year into this mess.

  2. Pooh Says:

    We saw Painted Trillium yesterday, with its dark burgundy flower. Also spectacular displays of dogwood in the understory. We were at Laumeier Sculpture Garden, but the park also has nature trails.