Driving is soooo weird

I ventured out for a drive to Cubelandia today. Yes it’s still there and a very small number of people are actually working there at least part of the time. Building Mom arranged for one last annual recycling event and I took advantage of it to get rid of an old sewing musheen. Oh, don’t worry, kiddos, it was NOT The Commander’s vintage Singer.

So I did my old Zen Commute one last time. I had planned to go early in the morning but I got sucked into stuff at TeleCubelandia plus it was SNOWING! I mean, at 36 degrees, it wasn’t slippery at all just… By the time I did get out it was after noon, traffic clogged the streets, and I think I hit every blasted red light all the way over there and back.

And then I got there… Building Mom was out today and the instructions were to drop stuff off by the BACK door, which I’m not sure I’ve ever even used. Guess who was standing between the Ninja and the door? Daddy Goose! Oh dear, I think I will wait a couple minutes until he ambles off. I made it there and back without incident and even navigated the notorious State/Ellsworth roundabout successfully. I did that thing twice a day for years and used to pooh-pooh roundabout chickens. ONCE in all those years I was rear-ended. It was at a VERY slow speed (like under 5 mph) and I basically let it go. I wasn’t at fault but it was certainly not my most elegant trip through the roundabout and I’m sure the [mortified] young man who hit me was confused by my actions.

Anyway, I have always LOVED to drive but it seems so weird now. I feel like I am ultra-cautious and while I don’t exactly creeeeep along, I tend to stay at or a bit below the limit and am quick to slow down in potentially iffy situations. I have always been a defensive driver but this feels like… more… Subconsciously applying social distancing rules to vehicular interactions maybe?

In other news, the entity known as the Lyme Lounge returned last night and my work days are no longer peaceful as there are rummaging activities and today an NCT zoom meeting in the Upstairs Lair (during my daily standup) and other inscrutable activities. Snow or not, summer is a-comin’. Eventually. This *is* the Great Lake State.

Cheers, KW

2 Responses to “Driving is soooo weird”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It does feel odd to drive these days. I bought my car in 2017 and still had one of my half price oil changes left. Yikes. That must have felt strange to go back to where you used to work. Same but so very different.

  2. Martha Says:

    Glad you made it there and back all in one piece. I never thought a thing about roundabouts when I was younger, they scare me now and I’ll drive out of my way to avoid them if possible! Thanks for stopping by for a visit this morning. Have a great weekend!