Perfectly beautiful

I love to walk in snow. I don’t like to slip on ice. MMCB asked me in our weekly facetime this morning if I had strapped on my Yax to walk this morning. No no no no. DIDN’T HAVE TO! Sidewalks were dry dry dry! Actually I found ONE foot-sized bit of ice on a sidewalk pane that collects water in a very specific way. But that was easy to avoid.

If I had needed to strap on my Yax, I wouldda prob’ly bagged my walk. I kept some Yax strapped onto one pair of Keen sandals all winter, also a Kahtoola-strapped pair of boots. I HATE having to strap Yax onto anything at 0-skunk-30. But I de-Yaxxed my Keens like maybe a month ago or so. Um, I own two pairs of Sorel boots and I can’t remember how many pairs of Keen sandals. For the record, I think I wore boots ONCE this winter. Farmer’s Almanac predicted cold and snowy for us. Wrong.

Okay, people wonder, “You wear sandals in the snow?” Yes, I do. My Keens are closed toe sandals and I wear them with Smartwool socks and/or tights depending. If the snow is more than a few inches deep or the temps are below zero, I switch to boots. Smartwool socks ROCK! They are warm even when they get wet and you can wear them for days and days and days before they even give a hint of a, y’know, stinky foot smell. So, a little commercial, in the words of a certain once and very annoying “senior advisor” to the Former Guy. She was hawking his daughter’s fashion “lines”. Sheath dresses? Really? I think I sewed a couple when I was like 13…

Enough polly-ticks (or not). We are dealing with our divided house by, among other things, putting on Satty-lite radio at the end of my work day to listen to MUSIC. Throughout the day, NPR rolls along in the background but it isn’t loud enough that I can usually hear the details of the news. I heard the George Floyd verdict(s) yesterday only because it was at the end of the afternoon and I meandered into the chitchen (where the NPR radio is) and realized that I was listening to breaking news. I hadn’t really been listening to the whole trial. My idea of an ideal society is one where I don’t have to pay attention to polly-ticks. Alas, I do have to…

I think my house would be less divided if me and the other inhabitant could find a common vocabulary to talk about the issues that are dividing us and our country these days. I CONSTANTLY harp on this (gently and politely and with humor) when we are solving problems at TeleCubelandia. This works (usually) at TeleCubelandia. It doesn’t really seem to work at home, which is also TeleCubelandia… We’ll get there…

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Snow! I don’t have much gear for it, but both my girls have Yax that I bought for them when they moved back east. I think they’ve used them. I have Keen walking shoes and boots and wear them all the time. They’re waterproof which is much needed around here. 🙂