If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes?

Yup. That snow we got Tuesday? It was gone by the end of Wednesday as I knew it would be. It isn’t extremely warm but the indoor/outdoor thermometer in the Landfill Chitchen registers 50 degrees right now. I thought I saw 85 sometime next week? We’ll see.

I didn’t bother looking at the indoor/outdoor thermometer in the Blue and Only Bathroom. It gets the morning sun and when Mr. Golden is OUT that means it can read like 80 degrees in the middle of the winter. Like the cake, the thermometer is a lie.

TeleCubelandia is on the sunset side of the Landfill and that means at this time of year, when Mr. Golden is OUT, it is too bright to be able to continue working in the late afternoon. On a warm day I can always move out back where it’s shady in the afternoon. Not warm enough today. This is a FIRST WORLD problem and I’m only blahgging about it because I do NOT have anything else to say today. There’s some fun stuff coming up in the near future but that’ll have to be a surprise. It involves a trigger but not the kind you might be thinking about 🐸

Three recent booooooks. 1) Hummingbird Salamander: I love VanderMeer. I have read his Area X trilogy. I LOVED Borne (funny as hell for a dystopian novel). Dead Astronauts (same setting as Borne, diff characters) was a bit disappointing (not as much humor as Borne). H-S: I was slow to “warm” to the narrator/main character but ultimately liked the book. 2) Becoming Leidah: I’m not sure I understood all of what was going on but I totally enjoyed the characters and the journey. 3) The Mason House: A memoir by a woman who grew up in the yooperland’s Keweenaw Peninsula. I began this after work today and am enjoying it. Caveat: she calls her childhood town Mason so as not to identify it. It’s not its real name but The Great Lake State does have a town called Mason in the Lower Peninsula.

I often glom on to books set in the yooperland in part because I recognize so much of the geography and landscape, even when some of the names are changed. I could add culture to that last sentence but I won’t because like most places in the United Snakes the yooperland consists of a variety of people and their cultures. I soooo used to hate being stereotyped when I met people at college “downstate”. There are similarities (ALL yoopers have to deal with harsh winter conditions). But talking about cultures would be a whole ‘nother entry. Or a memoir. Except that I don’t think my life is interesting enough for a memoir and I don’t think my writing chops are up to it.

Sayonara, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We often read books set in other cultures for Book Club: the latest ones I’ve read have been about convicts being shipped to and then living on Tasmania, a girl who wants to become educated in Nigeria and a mixed race girl in Japan. They’ve been interesting and I’ve learned a lot. (didn’t like the one about Japan much because it was tragedy porn and had some creepy aspects) We are experiencing a change in the weather–back to a normal April of cooler temps and some rain.