Hondas last forever

Our family said goodbye to this Honda Civic today. She is a 2005 model named Daisy and she had a good long life but it has come to an end and she was towed away today.

We bought her during a chaotic week in late June 2005. My brother had died rather unexpectedly and my parents were not able to travel from the yooperland unassisted so there was a flurry of travel back and forth as I drove up to pick them up, then drove them back up after the funeral. Five hour drive times four. Fun.

I drove our Dogha, a new-ish top dollah Honda Accord. Our other two vee-hickles were an aging Chrysler mini-van (the POC) and a 13-year-old Jeep Wrangler (the Indefatigable). Neither of them had A/C, the jeep because it didn’t COME with A/C, the POC because it was broken 🐽

I won’t try to describe that week other than that it was a clusterf*ck of people traveling here and there in different vee-hickles on different days. We needed another vee-hickle with A/C. We had ordered Daisy but weren’t expecting to get her for a couple weeks. And then… Our then car guy Kevin called just in the nick of time. Daisy was here and we snagged her and everyone was able to travel in air-conditioned comfort.

Daisy was the first vee-hickle we owned that had an iPod plug-in and I think she was the last that had a CD player.

When our Mouse finished college, she adopted Daisy and drove her for a good many years. I think all of us were a little sad to see her go.

Here is Daisy at the moomincabin in November 2007. Before I looked up the metadata on the photo, I was thinking, “Was this spring or fall?” Well, it HAD to be fall because there is NO SNOW! I mean, not that there can’t be snow in November in the yooperland because there certainly can be. But there is ALWAYS snow in the spring. Sometimes big drifts, sometimes rotting leftover piles. Also, the storm windows are covering the picture windows. When we arrive in the spring, removing those things is the first order of business.

Aloha Daisy, you were a good old girl.

P.S. Today is our brother FlaMan’s birthday. I hope he had a good day. His brother (the GG) visited him and took him to the store for beer, etc. FlaMan has had a looooong hard year in lockdown 🧡

3 Responses to “Hondas last forever”

  1. Jay Says:

    My little brown Honda, 1980 Civic sedan lasted until 2000, and 280,000 miles. I loved that car. I had it before I had Carl. It was still running, but our mechanic said we were on the bad money end of the spectrum. Paid $6,200 new, sight unseen. (First year of the 4door sedan) Traded it in for $100. And it did not have AC.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’ve never owned a Honda, but my Toyota Celica was an excellent car. I love Daisy’s color!

  3. Mouse Says:

    I had to hide out in a nature preserve, which probably just makes me a coward. Daisy was with me for a VERY long time.