‘nother trip, as the kooool kids say these days

You can make your own guess at what I was doing more years ago than I am strong enough to count. I will say a couple things. One is that business was over and done with something like 12 hours earlier than the time I am writing this today. Two is that I expected to have another 2-3 weeks but this one wanted out NOW! Frankly, that was okay with me (since she was healthy).

Yet another special day we can’t spend together with some kind of grilled beast for dinner and ‘hattans and then a 90s “alt-rock” sing-along session in the Lyme Lounge loud enough to attract the attention of the next door neighbors. Yes, we really did do that one year (a sing-along). It was spontaneous and the neighbors at that time thought it was hilarious.

The person in the photooo had a GREAT DAY though. Hiking, clobbee covfefe coffee, and food with Lairi the Rake of the notorious Vanilla Sugar Milk days so long ago. Then a nettle orecchiette-making session with the raccoon. (I want some!)

This person was a flamboyant dresser in her youth. She has a very elegant style now, even when she’s schlepping around in the woods. The Commander would approve if she were still around. I never did attain a clothing style elegant enough for The Comm’s taste 🐽

Anyway, this was two and the grandparents were here as well as my brother and his fam. The Commander made the hat. The cute black/neon outfit was from my bro and fam and she literally stripped bare naked out of whatever she was wearing to put this outfit on right out in front of god and everybody. She borrowed the high heels from her older sister. “I’m gonna just put all this stuff on together.”

Oh yeah, and then there’s “Mouse” aka “Speedy Water Janet Pop Mousey Mushroom-ears”.


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  1. Pooh Says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!