Emotional day in a first world way

We drove our beloved 2008 Ninja (Honda Civic 6-speed manual) for two last drives today plus a psychedelic car wash.

We took a long slow drive down to the flats of southeast Michigan and then we hit the car wash. After that, I told the GG that he should stop in the street in front of our house because I wanted one more drive ALONE with the Ninja. I did a River Ride. I did not cry but I kinda felt like it.

The GG posted my/our beloved vee-hickle on Craig’s List this afternoon and within like 30 seconds someone called. And… They BOUGHT it! Today! Like it’s gone now. And then other offers came in and he had to turn them down.

I will so miss the Ninja. I think my fave car ever was the Dogha (2001 top dollah Honda Accord). It had a V6 engine and it was a great snow car. The Ninja was more fun with its 6-speed manual tranny. It was not as good as the Dogha in snow but I loved it. I am so glad we had the chance to drive it today.

We bought the Ninja new in 2008 and my work friend Lewie-lew-iii once asked if he could ask me a “personal” question. Was that 6-speed manual MY car? Yes. It was. I miss Lewis. And I miss my car.

4 Responses to “Emotional day in a first world way”

  1. Mark Axe Says:

    Welcome fully to the Toyota conglomerate

  2. isa Says:

    Were you near me?? When you say southeast???

  3. Margaret Says:

    I get very attached to my vehicles although I don’t generally name them. If they are misbehaving, I may call them a temporary bad word.

  4. Jay Says:

    My most emotional vehicle release was the little brown Honda. But Rey was really upset when we traded in the blue car (1988 Civic sedan) for a used 1992 manual shift Dodge Caravan. Carl had 5 kids and needed the seats. Rey was 6, and told us years later that he had a plan when he was older to find the car and get it back.