Cygnus X-1

Finally got around to it. New Subie Crosstrek, picked up from a Lansing dealer, an hour away. If you google our salesman Jalen, he comes up as a former MooU football player, if you’re into sports and stuff. I’m not (although I enjoy the ambience of football in the background of my life) but he was a nice, knowledgeable young man and I would recommend him.

We “built” this vee-hickle on the Subaru website. That means we used build-a-car as a tool to decide what we wanted, then called dealers. At least the GG decided what he wanted. I wanted satty-lite radio. Just kidding. I wanted other features too but I know I won’t use most of the stuff it comes with, like cruise control and sensors that make it slow down and stuff. I listened politely to all of it but I couldn’t resist saying, “I’ve been driving a 6-speed manual.”

Boy oh boy, buying a new vee-hickle and jumping IMMEDIATELY onto a crowded freeway? Not to mention a freeway I used to be familiar with but now not so much? I wish I had been thinking because I would’ve suggested we take some back roads until I got used to how it handled, which was fine, just would’ve preferred a slower introduction.

I thought I would be back at TeleCubelandia in time for my weekly with Amazon Woman but I wasn’t but that turned out to be okay because she took the day off and I was EXHAUSTED and also ended up taking the day off. The GG? After a bit of “crowing” about going home and taking a hike, he crashed and burned 🐽

Since I am not going to laundromats these days, there’s little likelihood that I’ll put my laundry into somebody else’s car! 🐽

At one point, as we began to sign and date various pieces of paper, I was going “hmmmm, what is the date?” Then, “Oh yeah, I know the date!” Why do I know the date? Because it is the Twinz of Terror’s birthday! So we bought “me” a car for the GG’s birthday. Technically it belongs to both of us but we expect that I’ll drive it the most (which probably won’t be much because COVID) because it doesn’t have quiiiiite Mooon Yooonit’s towing capacity.

Cygnus is a loverly vee-hickle but I’m still gonna miss the Ninja.

4 Responses to “Cygnus X-1”

  1. Mouse Says:

    I’ll have to come over and park snout-to-snout with you!

  2. Mouse Says:

    Forgot to add – I know how you feel, as I had to get straight on the freeway in Detroit with stop-and-go traffic!! It wasn’t my favorite driving situation, especially with an unfamiliar clutch on a five-speed!

  3. jane Says:

    Shiny! Cool tires.
    Will the Thule stay on top all the time?

  4. Margaret Says:

    Cool car! Great choice! What color is it? The light is shining on my computer screen so I can’t tell. New cars take a little getting used to. I love my adaptive cruise in the Subie and use it in traffic which is where it shines.