Because I have a great big ZERO today, here’s a list:

  • 197? Ford Pinto Wagon, green: not named but Rustbucket wouldda worked. It was my parents’ car and then it was my first car.
  • 197? AMC Gremlin, purple: not named (that I know of, it was the GG’s when I met him and his MOM used to have to drive to his apartment and jump-start it sometimes).
  • 1979 Ford Fiesta, gold: named “Mama’s Little Gold Car” by Lizard Breath, we weren’t naming vee-hickles yet.
  • 1980 Ford Fiesta, blue: named “Daddy’s Little Blue Car” by Lizard Breath.
  • 19?? Ford Fiesta, orange: named “The Orange Car” by Lizard Breath. This was not our car, it lived down the street a bit.
  • 1985 VW Jetta, dark red: no name, still weren’t really naming vee-hickles.
  • 1987 Plymouth Voyager, dark red: named “The Exxon Tanker Valdez.”
  • 1992 Jeep Wrangler, sand: named “The Indefatigable” by our late brother Don, always a fun guy.
  • 1996 Plymouth Voyager, Island Teal (but probably shouldda been lemon yellow🐽): named “The POC,” which amused my late cuz Mac (who used to read my blahg).
  • 2001 Honda Accord, dark [banker] green: named “the Dogha” (dirty old green Honda Accord). “Banker green”? My dad (a banker) had a dark green Buick LeSabre and my late brother came up with that color name which made us both gnoff and gnoff and gnoff. Miss you bro’.
  • 2005 Honda Civic, dark blue: I had some long complicated name for it but my 🐭 renamed it “Daisy” when she took it over and I think that was a better name.
  • 2008 Honda Civic SI, 6-speed manual, black black black: named “The Ninja” after 🐭 and a friend took a River Ride the night we brought it home and her friend said something about feeling like a Ninja when riding inside it. I don’t really know anything about Ninjas but somehow it felt right.
  • 2011 Subaru Outback, green: named The “Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen.” Blahggy friend Margaret came up with Mean Green Musheen but of course “Frog Hoppin'” got added. Because… And the GG wanted to buy BROWN but I said NOOOO because you know what it’ll look like when it has 200K miles on it! Which it did when it was finally sold!
  • 2019 Toyota RAV4, Lunar Rock: named “Mooon Yooonit” because of the color name, deliberately misspelled so as not to google-bomb [the late] Frank’s daughter.
  • 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, black black black: named “Cygnus X-1” after a black hole, by 🐭.

What did I fergit?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ignore the question on my other comment; I should have read this post first!