River Ride

A River Ride is an 8-mile drive along The Planet Ann Arbor’s section of the Huron River. It is a designated scenic drive with a 35 mph speed limit although there are people who try to use it as a raceway.

It is a place of peace for my family. A ride we take when someone dies or someone is practicing driving on their permit or leaving for college or study abroad or whatever or just to get out for a wee bit. Like to drive a vee-hickle that hardly ever gets driven anymore because pandemic.

One of my fave River Rides was once when we were taking our usual slow drive and there was an extremely impatient tailgater behind us (it’s a two lane paved road with mostly no shoulders). We got to one of the few places on the road where wide (paved) shoulders were added on a bridge and our tailgater screamed out around us and… Who was awaiting him on the other side of the bridge? Mr. Policeman! Who NABBED him in a jiffy. Sometimes karma works out.

It is also where we drive new vee-hickles when we first purchase them. For whatever reason, we didn’t take a River Ride Monday night after we bought Cygnus. After all, we had driven it an hour home from its Lansing dealership.

The beach urchins were asking yesterday if we had driven it anywhere yet (besides home). The GG had gone on a little spin but I wasn’t really chompin’ at the bit. Somehow I was content to see it sitting outside. I’ll get plenty of chances to drive it, right? What’s the rush?

But okay, last evening we took a River Ride. This is NOT the most scenic section of Huron River Drive. There’s some kind of big plant or warehouse over to the left. We’ve never been exactly sure what it is but the river isn’t in sight on this particular stretch. But I was just looking for headlights to come toward us for something interesting.

That screen picture? For all the time Jalen spent walking me through how to use that stuff, at that moment I could NOT for the life of me figger out how to change the screen. I’ll figure it out the way I usually do by muddling through. There’s a “Home” button that I think I had temporary amnesia about. I’ll try that.

I mean, I navigated my way through some of the crayzee-est Old Skool javascript crapola today. If I can do that, I can navigate a bunch of car screens, roight? 🐽

One Response to “River Ride”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I used to cry every time I had to change my Subie clock–now I have a general idea how to do it and muddle through. I love that story and have had it happen twice to me. Once on I-5 so it was a motorcycle cop. Doubly awesome!