Note to self: start bringing your “real” camera to work with you

duckpondMy “real” camera being my trusty old Powershot. 2-1/2 years old now and going strong, knock wood. I mean, as if I needed one more thing to remember to pack into my vee-hickle every morning. Oh, I wouldn’t use my powershot to document fraud, waste, abuse, or bad behavior. Actually, I think this is the only place I have ever worked that nobody drove me absolutely nuts and I haven’t observed any fraud, waste, or abuse. Unless you want to count that Monday morning fog that a lot of creative/technical folk working on multiple projects have to work through. Like where did I end up on what last Friday and what should I start with today and…? But everybody gets through that and things rev up. People are committed to creating a great product, they work hard, collaborate with each other and stuff gets done. *Still* don’t know how I got here and hope it lasts a while! A camera *is* sometimes helpful during an extreme design session when the boss is drawing things on the whiteboard like mad and we get to some kind of absolutely brilliant solution to something and then I get back to my desk and think, “uh, what did we just do?”

None of that stuff is what I need my “real” camera for. This particular picture was taken by my iPhone camera. Unlike some others, I don’t think the iPhone has a terrible camera. It is what it is. I use it all the time and I am more often than not happy with the results. This picture? I dunno. A bunch of co-workers and I were out for a Group Walk and ducklings are being trained by their mama in this little pond and we love watching them. The ducklings weren’t visible when I took the pic but I loved the reflections, so I tried to photograph them. But I only had my iPhone and, although it can do some low-light conditions well, sometimes even better than the powershot, this flat gray light was not the best. I wish I’d had my trusty old powershot today.

We have a lot of parking lots around my work but we also have beautiful ponds that support all kinds of wildlife. Plants of all sorts and all kinds of waterfowl and birds: ducks, geese, swans, egrets, killdeer… It isn’t exactly like walking the moominbeach but there are many mornings when I park my vee-hickle and walk over to the pond for a few moments before I head inside.

2 Responses to “Note to self: start bringing your “real” camera to work with you”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t have an i-phone, but it does seem like I never have my camera when I need it!

  2. grandmothertrucker Says:

    I think your i-phone takes great pics. I like the low light affect. You are a good photographer. Now that I have my laptop back, I can take more pics over the road with my difital. I lost the over 700 pics I took since January…. oh well. I got over it. The new program I downloaded, the upgrade for hp photosmart, well, it is’t so smart. it deleted all my pics minutes after I downloaded them. They are in this laptop somewhere…… I just can’t find them. Neither could the Geeks at Best Buy. I’m in Tampa right now, but I won’t be able to see family. Especially now that my camera is clear and ready to use again… bummer.