“Every time they change the garbage pickup day, it takes me about three years to recover!”


I didn’t say that. It was Gunther, who was putting out his trash (and recycle bins and compost bin, etc., etc.) this morning. I was confused. We had Memorial Day earlier this week and when we have Memorial Day in the week, that means that they pick up the garbage (and the recycle bins and compost, etc., etc.) on Saturday instead of Friday. I knew that. Except that Gunther and probably about 80% of the neighborhood was putting their trash out today or had already done so. Sooooo…. Was I missing something? I didn’t know. I hate having garbage day on Friday. It used to be on Tuesday and I liked that a lot better. When it is on Friday, about once a month or maybe two, I have a week where I have two or sometimes even *three* blasted weeks’ worth of garbage (and recycling and compost, etc.) to put out. And that is because if you have octo-women and property in the Great White North, you need to go there once in a while and if you can manage to get a Friday off, you can leave the night before and then you can’t deal with the blasted garbage on Friday… Oh well, I trundled on to the Recycle Ann Arbor website and garbage day is indeed tomorrow so, I wheeled a very full garbage cart out there tonight and I’ll get the recycle bins out there when I have put every last scrap of recyclable crap in them, which could well happen tomorrow morning. And there is nothing in the compost bin that I know of because nobody has been around the Landfill enough in recent weeks to fill it and I am working on dredging out the Landfill Dungeon, which means I am not working on the Landfill Jungle. And if you click on the pics above, you can see a little blast from the past, which is The Commander and Grandroobly doing the weekly garbage run at Fin Family Moominbeach back in about 2002 or 2003. Yes! You are right! They are not particularly happy and that is about all I will say about that because if I say anything more, I will get in trouble! Except that The Engineer and I used to get a huge kick out of the whole blasted procedure.

G’night and gitcher garbage out on time,
Garbage Woman

6 Responses to ““Every time they change the garbage pickup day, it takes me about three years to recover!””

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    …something about turning the air *blue*, then some comment about turning the air *yellow*, and the occasional mention of “the Bickersons” as some of the wisecracks from The Engineer in the Peanut Gallery… as I recall!!

  2. jane Says:

    you know I’m always available to put your trash out on a Friday morning if you’re gone. and I’ll even bring the empties back up the driveway at the end of the day. just ask. 😉

  3. Dona Says:

    I know what you mean. My kids do the garbage now (and what an ordeal that is — it would be so much easier to do it myself) but there is always the suspense of “Is it Garbage Day?” after a holiday. I used to get emails from he county, but for some reason don’t get them anymore.

    Question: is that a plugin you use for your photos up on top — it is cool they way you can click on one and then see all 4 in a pop-up gallery.

  4. grandmothertrucker Says:

    My kids are supposed to be taking out the garbage when I am not home. I say “supposed” because… welll…. when I do go home, I usually gather up about 2 to 3 bags of crap. The leaves from last fall are still in my shed in those paper bags. The lids to my new cans have disappeared or blown away. Every time I go home, I bag up stuff, and get rid of it. Don and Dave are older, not grown, older, and bring home and acquire more crap. Don bought everything that was not nailed down on Ebay while he was overseas. Dave and Jennie have “stored” things at my house. I have to get rid of my crap to make room for their crap.

    I live in a truck out of a few bags. Every time I go home, I am freaked out by all the stuff in my house and how much of it there is. So, whenever I do get home, I try to get rid of as much as I can.

  5. Margaret Says:

    I love the photos–they are so expressive! Our garbage day is Tuesday and it’s perfect; Friday would be awful. We have trouble keeping track of whether it’s recycle or yard waste week. We usually ask the neighbors!

  6. Dog Mom Says:

    Our garbage pickup days are Mondays (except when government holidays, then make it Tuesdays). Mondays are a pain only because it’s coming on the end of the weekend… and if one is coming *back* from anywhere on Sunday, that means scrambling around getting it all pulled together and out to the curb…either Sunday evening or early Monday AM.