Mechanical klutz

I was so focused on satty-lite radio in my new vee-hickle that I forgot to figure out if I was getting Pop-the-Trunk in this pandemic age. No, my brand new top-dollah vee-hickle does NOT have Pop-the-Trunk. I have had Pop-the-Trunk in every vee-hickle since the Exxon Tanker Valdez (1987), although I didn’t KNOW it had that until we sold it. Well probably the Indefatigable didn’t have it but it didn’t have much. The GG has always described it as a drivetrain. I sorta know what that is.

Cygnus does have a CD player (along with all the new tech music/radio stuff). That was a surprise. My latest laptop doesn’t even have that kind of a drive although our older repurposed computers do.

This is okay. I can easily jump out and hit the button on the trunk/hatch/gate gate gate. And the curbside folks can close it.

What do they call the rear door anyway? I needed to know that when I was out trying to figger out how the whole thing worked this afternoon. I have a curbside grock pickup tomorrow morning and I don’t wanta be fumbling around. Before I figgered out that I didn’t have Pop-the-Trunk, I managed to pop the hood! Oh great. I could not find the catch, so I couldn’t get it open far enough that I could CLOSE it again.

The internet wasn’t much good. The GG is out in the woods somewhere. I considered texting Mouse, who has a somewhat older Crosstrek. Naw. I have to bash through this stuff myself. I got the quickstart guide out and managed to find the catch and get the hood closed.

I still hadn’t figgered out the trunk/hatch/gate gate gate. I couldn’t find it in the quickstart guide so I dredged out the full-fledged owner’s manual. But. What do they call it? It isn’t really a trunk but I tried that and it didn’t turn up anything. Hatch as in hatchback like my rusty old Pinto wagon? No luck. It is a GATE! So now I am an expert at opening and closing both the hood and GATE on my new vee-hickle. And there are no embarrassing things like rifles or chainsaws or empty Budweiser cans in the back, so I’m good.

These little issues sound like no-brainers but I am not very mechanical in a physical sense, although I can beat up on computers pretty darn well. I’ll never forget how proud of myself I was the time the GG was somewhere else and I actually managed to fix my garbage disposal by looking at YouTube videos. I doubt if that would work if I had (say) a terlet problem although I do know how to lift up a ballcock to stop a running terlet (something like that). You can’t be part of the cFam without learning that lesson.

This is an old pic from 2018 when I was walking home from the neighborhood pub, Knight’s Steakhouse. We’ll eat there again someday… They are thriving I think. They are open for inside dining (within the capacity rules) and have managed outside seating throughout the WINTER and they also run a couple of small, well-stocked grocery markets. Both the restaurant and the stores provide curbside. I am not ready to eat out even being fully vaxxed. What’s going on in India is scary. I hear it first hand from my colleagues over there and my Indian-American colleagues who have relatives in India.

Stay safe. Don’t be hesitant about getting vaxxed. We’re not done with this.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Inside dining is still scary for me and I’ve only done so a few times. I don’t mind eating outdoors though. (as long as I’m not close to people) I don’t have a pop the trunk either, and assumed I would since I have every other electronic gadget on the stupid thing.