Baby steps

Guess what I did today? I. Went. Inside. A. Grokkery. Store.

I did not go SHOPPING in a grocery store. I’m not quiiiiite ready for that. What happened is I had a scheduled curbside pickup this morning at my fave Plum Market and all was well with that. Or so I thought. One of my fave curbside folks put it in my trunk. When I got home, the first bag I started to unpack had a HUGE jar of mayonnaise in it! I don’t dislike mayo but I use it sparingly. I like it spread thinly on BLTs. I don’t like big gloppy vats of potato salad or whatever. A lighter touch please. So when I buy mayo it is the smallest jar I can find. Plus I knew I hadn’t ordered it. There were a few other items I never buy. So yes, I got an extra bag in my order.

Anyway, what do I do? Of course they want this back, right? It belongs to someone else and I didn’t pay for it. I could go over and park in the curbside area and text them to come and get it. Then I thought, what the heck? I have been fully vaxxed for over a month now. I am still being careful and following the “rules” and will continue to do so. But this required me to enter the store for maybe two minutes. So that is what I did! Masked of course.

Aaaannddd… More Cygnus fun. Today I was reminded that she has a feature that stops the engine when you are at a stoplight or whatever. I knew that would drive me NUTSO so when Jalen was showing me that feature, I immediately turned it off. I meant it humorously and I think he took it that way. What I didn’t know (or remember) is that it turns itself back on whenever you put the car in park and turn it off. Guess what? It DOES drive me nutso. Like, why is my brand new vee-hickle stalling? Oh yeah. It’s not, it just has a mind of its own. I parked for a moment and pulled out the quick start guide to refresh my memory about how to TURN IT OFF.

I may not be ready for prime-time shopping yet and I like curbside so much I may continue to do it when all this is over. I think I MAY be ready to shop at some of my fave “little” markets, the meat and seafood markets at Kerrytown, for example. If I go down there early in the morning on non-farmers market days, Kerrytown will probably be empty. And I LOVE deliveries from the Argus Farm Stop. It’s almost like xmas opening up those boxes of produce and so much more.

One Response to “Baby steps”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve enjoyed the pick up and will mostly keep doing it. I don’t care much about price! John and I ate outside at a pizza restaurant last night and it was fun to have a draft beer. It tasted so delicious. I haven’t been drinking much at all because we haven’t been going out. It’s easy for me to pass on bottled beer. 🙂 I’m not sanguine about eating inside a restaurant though. I’ve done it a couple times and it still makes me nervous.