Rainbow bright

What a day! Issues with both vee-hickles and the Lyme Lounge. Don’t worry, there is NOTHING wrong with Cygnus but suffice it to say I know a whole lot more about taaars and gauges than I did a few days ago. Nothing is wrong with Mooon Yooonit except some paperwork confusion. And the Lyme Lounge has minor damage from its Big Mac adventure last week, which “we” (aka the GG) are working on getting fixed.

But I’ll save that for I dunno tomorrow? Because see this beauteous play structure over at Haisley? This is the Rainbow. It was old when the beach urchins went to school there and it is one of the few ancient structures that hasn’t been removed over the years and I thought this was a decent photo op with the sunshine and shadows, etc. We’ll talk about the removal of the big ol’ taaar structure some other day.

I was listed as an emergency parent for a few kids throughout my Haisley years, at least my SAHM years. And every once in a while, I got called. I’m not really the best person for that kind of responsibility, at least I am not a particularly warm, fuzzy, motherly type person. I have a personal policy to let children and aminals approach me so as not to overwhelm them. But my emergency kids were good friends of the beach urchins and I of their parents so they knew me and I did my best.

One day I got a call that Shuggy had fallen off the Rainbow and had seriously hurt her arm. Her mom was not available (turns out she was down the street with her elderly grandmother, no cell phones then) and her dad was at work a half hour away. Remembering that I am not the warm, fuzzy, motherly type, I had the brilliant idea to grab Froggy on the way out to the car. Shuggy was very familiar with Froggy and I rightly thought he would be a comforting presence.

The principal met me at the door and had already called the urgent care, which in those days was a few blocks away. Shuggy’s dad arrived just about the time people were getting a little freaked that a PARENT wasn’t there. (Sorry!) I left Froggy there with her (and her dad) and by that time she had actually managed to laugh a bit. I think it ended up that her arm was broken but it wasn’t complicated and she recovered quickly as most kids do.

Shuggy is a life-long friend of both my children and her parents still live in the neighborhood, as we do 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember those playground contraptions and also Jungle Jims (terrifying) and those spinning things that always made me nauseated. I much prefer the toys of today! I got a few of those calls from school/gymnastics for my own children, mainly Alison who has had numerous stitches and a few broken body parts.