First world clusterf*ck

Cygnus? Cygnus is fine. But. I was driving her around Saturday and the TAAAAR LIGHT (or should I say TAAAAR SCREEN) came on! Say what? She has maybe around 250 miles on her. What gives? After MUCH futzing around with taaaar gauges, we determined that her taaars were *overfilled*. After much more futzing around, “we” (aka the GG) got the light to turn off.

We had some help with this via a previously scheduled call with Michelle, a Subie dealer support person who follows up with new car buyers to answer questions. We didn’t have the usual kind of questions for her but certainly asked about the taaaar light. She was VERY knowledgeable and the GG is good at automotive vee-hickles, having worked Hamtramck Assembly as a kid plus general driveway repair experience back in the day. Among other things, we learned that if we get to the right display screen, it tells what the current taaar pressure is for each taaar. I had seen a pic of that in the manual but didn’t drill down to figger out how to actually find it.

I did a bit of my own research via the google. On one Reddit forum, a Subie mechanic divulged that in cold weather, they typically overfill the taaars because if they don’t, they get flooded with calls about the taaaar light. Indeed. My Ninja used to do that all the time but I never called Honda because the GG just pumped them up. Unfortunately, I got a bit complacent about the light. One day it came on halfway to Cubelandia and I kind of ignored it. “Oh that again” and texted a pic to the GG. I made it OVER there just fine but when I came out at the end of the day, one of the taaars was flat flat flat.

But these taaaars were waaaay overfilled and can I also just say, I have lost count of how many taaaar gauges we have? They are kept in the Key Basket and since many of them don’t seem to be accurate, I think we should weed some out. The pic is what’s in my taaars right now. They are still a bit overfilled but they were more like 42 when the light came on. 33 (front) and 32 (rear) is recommended. Something like that, maybe a bit higher in our northern winters. Listen to me talking about taaars like I actually know something!🤣🤣🤣

P.S. The screen in the pic is NOT the warning screen I got the other day. If I could make a user experience criticism I would say, 1) don’t say “TPMS warning” (what the heck is TPMS?), say something like “Check tire pressure”, and 2) if you can provide the current tire pressure, put it right on that screen so I know which tire(s) is involved and if I should stop NOW or if it’s just a little low and I have a little time. Of course, if a taaaar is FLAT, I would KNOW to stop NOW with or without the light. Bumpity clunk.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I get a warning that looks like a horseshoe. Subaru and Les Schwab disagree on how much pressure should be in the tires, and the temperature does make a difference. I hate to ignore the sensor light but sometimes I do anyway!