Frenetic rummaging

After the last couple days, which were very stressful even for those of us who were somewhat peripheral to the stress, I was hoping for caaaaaaalm. Oh, it’s okay, it’s some vee-hickular issues that are not currently blahggable. They don’t involve Cygnus and both vee-hickles are fine.

But caaaaalm? Noooo. Mid-morning, just about the time of the daily stand-up, the GG was running frantically throughout the Landfill, rummaging through drawers and cabinets and whatnot everywhere. I kinda did NOT wanna know. All of a sudden he was headed to the hardware store. Now, he is ALWAYS running to the hardware store, sometimes multiple times per day, and all I could think of at that moment was GOOD RIDDANCE!

Alas, as soon as he was out the door, I had a little “twitter play” with my mouse via text messages, something like this:

Mouse: Sorry if I triggered a storm of rummaging 😂😂😂
KW: That was YOU who started all that? 👀

It turned out she and the raccoon wanted to borrow the GG’s old Pentax film cam and it needed batteries so he was rummaging to find the camera and then rushing off to buy batteries. I told her that. She said that the raccoon had batteries. I called the GG and he cut his trip short, meaning my hoped-for peace was curtailed.

I managed to find the GG a couple other little missions. One was to walk down to the farmers market and snag some local asparagus. The second was to organize a garden hose and other supplies for me so I can water my impatiens now and when I pot them. They are about the only plant I don’t seem to kill. This ended up requiring a trip to the hardware store of course because my fave hose watering attachment apparently kicked the bucket last fall and “we” finally remembered that after yet another bout of rummaging.

I had a busy work day that culminated in re-creating some COMPLICATED old Visio diagrams that we only have images of because the originals reside on the long defunct laptop of a mentor/boss/friend who retaaarrred a number of years ago.

Slice o’ life here, nothing more, nothing less 🐸

One Response to “Frenetic rummaging”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t do well in chaotic situations!