Oh dear…

I am referring to the latest mask-wearing updates by the CDC. So, vaxxed people can go without masks just about anywhere? Really? How the f*ck can you tell whether any random un-masked person has been vaxxed or not? In my neighborhood, if I encounter a neighbor on the sidewalk, we still do the COVID Dance but we also provide our vax status. “I’m vaxxed but I’m still following the ‘rules’ and I have a mask in my pocket.” And we still social distance from each other. I rarely encounter anyone outside because I’m usually out there at 0-skunk-30 but it’s the neighborly thing to do, roight?

But we are in one of the bluest of blue pockets of a state that, well, I can’t really call it a blue state because there are waaaaay too many Trumpers throughout but we did THANKFULLY put Big Gretch in as governor and helped with Biden’s presidential VICTORY. (I have relatives who disagree with my opinions and they can just deal with it.)

I could write a “book” about the miscommunications we’ve all received since COVID but I won’t. The highlight would be Trump pontificating about drinking hydroxychloroquine and shining lights inside human bodies and injecting disinfectant up the you-know-what (that last bit is probably not what he said). This latest guideline is only going to cause more confusion. It will give un-vaxxed COVID deniers license to “fearlessly” enter crowded stores and restaurants and potentially spread COVID to others and and and…

When I (soon) enter (small) stores again, I will be wearing a mask, even fully vaxxed. It isn’t because I am fearful although maybe I am and I think I SHOULD be. COVID is only somewhat predictable about who it kills. And it does kill people, even children. I will continue to wear a mask because I CARE about other people and want them to know that I, as a random person who may or may not be vaxxed, don’t want to spread the virus to others. What is so hard to understand about this? And I didn’t get this from anything Biden has said. This has been my stance since the beginning of the Bad Old Trump COVID idiot days.

Happy ending? First local asparagus of the season! I sure miss Farmer John’s Lunchroom produce stand over at Cubelandia. What a work perk that was! 🧡

2 Responses to “Oh dear…”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    So, my feeling is this: As fully vaccinated people, we truly have nothing to worry about. Honestly, who cares if somebody at the grocery store without a mask isn’t vaccinated? It won’t affect us. What it affects are OTHER people who aren’t vaccinated (and are also probably not wearing a mask). And I guess I’m at the point where if 1) people are choosing to not get vaccinated, and 2) they refuse to wear a mask, then it’s on THEM. They are the ones taking the risk, and I guess their “freedom” means they are purposely taking that risk. And us vaccinated folks are out of the equation.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I will still mask in stores and in public. I don’t trust the variants or the 90% protection that much. There are still way too many unvaccinated idiots, er…people. Although I probably wouldn’t die if I got a case of it, I don’t want to be sick.