moomincabin opening 2021

The moomincabin is open for business! Thanks to the GG!

Mayor Pete has scheduled road work on the cabin road this weekend. It’s a two track road and here is one of the vee-hickles involved.

Here is the GG on the beach at the end of the day. Canananada is to the right of the island.

Status? The trees have leaves? Yes. Early/mid May they don’t always. Even Memorial Day weekend. Snow? No snow. Usually there is at least a bit of a raggedy snow pile on Memorial Day Weekend. Not this year. Refrigimatator? Hmmm. Working for the moment but may be in a failure mode. Twitter play?

GG: Do you remember when your parents bought that refrigimatator?
KW: Nope.

Which means it is OOOOOOLD. We’re on the alert for buying a new fridge but I’m wondering if we can find a new one that’s small enough to fit in that space… If we have to buy a new one, it will DEFINITELY have a light in the damn freezer!


One Response to “moomincabin opening 2021”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like things are coming along! Nicer weather, less pandemic…