Waxing crescent

Lemme see… What did I doooo today… 0-skunk-30. Curbside pickup at Plum. Can I just keep doing that? I *love* it and the Plum folks are soooo good and friendly. As I have said (many times 🐽) before, I will probably do a hybrid of curbside/delivery and in person shopping going forward. Maybe I’ll set up curbside at Plum for larger orders and walk over for smaller things. Farm Stop delivery for whatever they have available and farmers market for what they don’t.

Roooomba and refrigerator cleanout. Not that it was that dirty or overfilled but with the GG going in and out of town constantly, the contents of the refrigerator constantly fluctuates and I have to keep on top of it. Not to mention that *I* will start traveling back and forth to the yooperland soon.

I potted my Mother’s Day impatiens today! I disturbed Mooma Robin with going in and out but she seems to be getting used to my presence, which is totally benign.

I also contemplated the meaning of words like “liberal”, “socialist”, and “communist” a lot today. What do these words really mean? In our current political season, I have been called a liberal and a “socialist” MANY times. I don’t get it and won’t try to describe it tonight but I will be continuing to take a break from family members who don’t agree with me and won’t try to talk to me about why in a rational way.

Finished a good book today. “Careers for Women” by Joanna Scott. It is NOT a self-help book or whatever. It is a novel. It has a number of wonderful characters including the World Trade Center, the Port Authority of NY and NJ, and the element AL aka aluminum or aluminium if you are a Canuck.

I’m thinking back to when I subscribed to the Wall St. Journal, the paper version. My 3rd grade beach urchin at that time was eating breakfast and reading the journal and I asked what she was reading about. She was reading a blurb about aluminum production on the front page. Did she understand it? I dunno but prob’ly more than I did.

Yup, this liberal used to subscribe to the Wall St. Journal. I still read it online whwn I can find the damn password.

One Response to “Waxing crescent”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember when I started reading your blog, you told me you weren’t a liberal at all, although many called you one. I thought of you as more Libertarian. I’ve moved farther left as the right wing got extreme, but I still consider myself a centrist. I’m staying with hybrid too. I love picking up most of my groceries!