The grumpy and cranky show

The GG is at the moomincabin and I am not. I expected to be happier about that than I am. I mean, I love to be at the moomincabin but I also like a lot of SPACE. Since COVID and permanent teleCubelandia have forced me to co-exist with The Pensioner 24/7, the old saying, “I married you for better or worse but not for lunch” takes on new meaning. Mr. Bear thought that saying was funny as all getout, evidence that he has a humorous side.

So if the GG goes to the moomincabin, I have SPACE. The problem is I wanted to be more productive this weekend than I ended up being. I wanted to get jump-started on de-hoarding. The problem with that is that I have gotten rid of (over many years) almost everything I WANT to get rid of. For now. I am now faced mainly with OTHER PEOPLE’S STUFF. I need OTHER PEOPLE to go through their stuff and make hard decisions about it. At some point, I will draw a line in the sand and get rid of it myself…

It doesn’t help that donation centers are closed or not taking donations because you know why. Are we done with COVID? I have been watching the Great Lake State’s numbers like a hawk and although they are FINALLY going down fairly significantly, every morning I am afraid to look. Even when (if) the virus actually gets under control, I think it’ll be a while before the donation centers have space to take new stuff. And what do you do with engineering textbooks from the 1940s anyway? Who wants them? I GET that they’re better than more recent ones but we aren’t using them so why keep them?

And then… Dun dun dun… Cygnus’s taaaar light came on again. I dunno why people keep OVERFILLING her taaaars. If the recommendation is 33/32, why fill them up to 39? This time it was not the dealer, it happened in our driveway. So as I was driving (Swan Corners and River), they got up to 40 and just as I expected, the taaaar light came on. This time it eventually went out but why can’t we just set it a BIT above the RECOMMENDED setting (which I GET because NINJA!) and KW can drive without dashboard lightups? I mean, I bought a brand new top-of-the-line vee-hickle because I didn’t want to watch dashboard lights come on. grump grump grump. At least I figgered out (finally) how to turn off the thingy that tells if you are drifting outta yer lane. If I am EVAH OUTTA MY LANE IT’S FOR A GOOD REASON!

I wanted the GG to send me some pics from the moomincabin and THIS is what he sent. It wasn’t really what I was expecting but I guess it’s okay. It shows Froggy and Green Guy, Turnstile and Bucky Beaver. Is Softy Beanbag in there somewhere? Where is Softy?

The “midnight” sun is shining in.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I need to turn off my lane sensor for when I’m driving in road work and Subie thinks I’m out of my lane. So annoying! It’s ironic (but frustrating) that we’re mostly at home, ready to get rid of stuff, but that donation places are mostly closed. I too should get rid of LOTS of other people’s stuff. (and my own)