From the Great White Sunny Hot North

Yes! This is the kind of pic I want people to send me from the moominbeach, as long as they are being safe. I’m talking about rock safe, not COVID safe for once. The GG is somewhere near Cedar Point, which is the point to the east of the moominbeach. There are all kinds of BIG ROCKS under the water in the whole Cedar Point area (which is actually a series of small un-named points and mini-beaches *culminating* in Cedar Point). I’m puzzled about what bote he is piloting. That doesn’t look like a kayak paddle. It looks more like one of the Motor Bote oars. So maybe he cut the motor and lifted it so he could *carefully* navigate the rocks? Or maybe he’s just messing with me. That’s Canananada in the background by the way.

Our sugar sand moominbeach is at the “bottom” of a bay between two rocky point systems, Birch and Cedar, from which we look straight out into Whitefish Bay/Lake Superior. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me out around our bay pointing out some of the interesting underwater features. I can’t remember what bote we used. The only bote I remember my fam owning as a young child was a Sunfish sailboat and I’m not sure that bote would’ve been easily navigable in rocky areas. OH! I’m sure it was a canoe! Jeebus.

Anyway in the late 1800s or so, the land that became our land was lumbered and there were big docks all over our bay and boats came in to get the lumber. I am kinda making this up. I wish I knew more about it but there were definitely big rock docks in various places in our bay. Some of the ruins are in plain sight at each end of the beach. Some are underwater and I can only find one of those these days. My dad called them “cribs”.

And then there’s the other weird underwater stuff. My dad always talked about an old car somewhere to the east of the island. Model A or T? I can’t remember and I’ve never seen it. Whatever it was, I’m guessing it was an ice fishing accident. And my [late] brother claimed to have encountered a “cylinder” somewhere between the island and Doelle’s. It spooked him a bit and I share his spookiness about weird objects underwater so whenever I cut across the bay from the Cedar Point area to Home in my kayak, I sorta don’t look down in that area. It is a good memory of my brother though since I laugh every time I think about the blasted cylinder.

2 Responses to “From the Great White Sunny Hot North”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I read many mysteries and there are often times when dead bodies are floating in the water, so I’m always afraid of that!

  2. Anne Regenstreif Says:

    I’m way behind on checking blogs, and I did read this one when it came out. However, when I looked at it today, my first reaction was sea otter! Their heads are frequently light-colored, like the rock pictured. Of course, they are not in Gitchee-Gumee, because there are no sea urchins and other delicacies. I’m sure Mark will post picture(s) of the sea otter moms-and-pups that we saw on yesterday’s boat tour of Elkhorn Slough.