Compassion? Empathy? Please?

I have always described myself as a centrist. You know, fiscal conservative, social progressive. I don’t think “we” should spend more than “we” earn. I think people should earn their own living if they can. I don’t care what color/religion/gender identity/whatever anyone else is.

I think I am still a centrist but some people seem to think I’m one o’ them thar libruls. Actually it’s complicated. The Orange Bombasty was difficult for me from the get-go. It was almost unendurable during our pandemic year (which may or may not be winding down). I don’t really think of the OB as any kind of political flavor except Himself, Head Narcissist.

I still think that people should earn their own living if they can. BUT. I AM SICK TO DEATH of the ubiquitous facebook memes complaining about how businesses are struggling to find workers because people would rather live off the [limited] stimulus.

On my facebook feed, most of the people who are posting this bullcrap are wealthy. Well, good for you that you could ride out the pandemic with plenty of cash on hand, working from home (like me), or retaarred and traveling around in fancy self-contained RVs.

There are people who are undoubtedly looking for a handout. There are others who are not looking for work because they are taking care of children or afraid (still) of getting COVID (it’s not gone yet, check out India) in a job that requires them to greet the public. I have never been in this kind of position but we have certainly had periods of low cash flow (government shutdowns anyone?). This is an extremely complicated set of issues and deserves a critical analysis, not just people unthinkingly sharing stoopid memes on facebook.

I have harped on this before. Facebook crapola today reminded me of it. We won’t get into abortion issues today. That is an even more complicated issue (I am and always have been pro-choice but know I have readers who are not). But no writing chops for it today (or maybe ever).

I only ask that people STOP before hitting share on some dumb meme. THINK about the issue. Fact check it. Do you REALLY understand the issue? Or do you just agree with the “headline”. Does the issue affect your life? What about others? Are some of the folks who it might affect unable to tell their stories? Like do they have access to the internet? Can they read and write? Who cares? I do.

You can go on and live your nice life, traveling here and there, eating out and whatever. I will definitely be doing that albeit slowly. But I will not forget those who have fewer resources than I do.

2 Responses to “Compassion? Empathy? Please?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Well-said. I agree, 100%. I am probably more liberal than you, but consider myself a centrist. And if conservative now means the Trumpian GOP, I am far, far from that.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    Two big thumbs UP. :o)