Today marks my first actual in-person *shopping* trip since you know when. I’m not counting the car dealership or the quick walk into the Plum Market to return an extra bag of grocks I didn’t order.

I drove Cygnus down to Kerrytown today to score one of the GG’s fave whole chickens and some lamb stew meat from Sparrow and Copper River salmon from Monahan’s.

How did it go? It was fine except that my nervous system was all over the map. Thinking I would have to pay for parking, I logged on to my A2 parking app early to make sure my payment info was up to date. Thursday morning I woke up to texts from my bank about possible fraudulent activity on one of my cards. And yes, there was fraudulent activity. So that card is canceled and it takes a while for a new one to come. Fortunately the parking app is using a different card and all was well.

Then. Dun dun dun. I. put. on. my. mask. and. The doors opened! And it was fine! I will do it again. I might even venture into Plum sometime next week. And if I have to do Meijer up at the moomincabin, I think I can manage. (Note that I am fully vaxxed and ALWAYS wear a mask inside stores, etc.)

One of the things I fergot to do was take a pic. So I navigated back around to get this crappy pic of Kerrytown and the empty parking lot. It kinda looks like a deserted mall or whatever. Not! Out of frame to the left are a couple of big trucks being unloaded. It was EARLY in the morning so no cars but the stores were well stocked and there were a couple of customers besides me. ALL MASKED as is required by these shops. Also, this place on farmers market days is FILLED with booths overflowing with all kinds of produce and other foods and products.

Alas. One of the things I MISS about the pandemic is the absence of door-to-door solicitors. Other than a couple of [masked] folks interested in various vee-hickles in our driveway (Ninja and Lyme Lounge), nobody has rung our doorbell in forever. Today! An UNMASKED (I think, I was too flabbergasted to really register his mask status) person RANG THE DOORBELL asking to sell something. I dispatched him PDQ (albeit politely) and said that no I did not want to take his phone number (also politely BUT FIRMLY).

One Response to “Re-opening?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    If someone comes to my door unmasked, I automatically distrust them! I’ve been going out more too. Hopefully the vax plus the mask will keep me safe!