Fling-a-ding re-a-start?

Back at the beginning of “all this” when I first started working from home full time, the GG looked around the living room one day and asked something like, “Think we could do some good around here [The Landfill]?” What he meant was what can we get rid of? At the time I was dealing with a constant state of low-level anxiety and about the only thing that kept me sane was my job, thanks very much for that! I was paralyzed about moving forward on flinging. Anyway all the donation centers were closed.

We’ve been diligently getting rid of “stuff” for years, albeit it on and off. We encountered a BIG setback when The Commander died and we inherited her stuff. Disclaimer: she was NOT a hoarder and had spent a lot of time after my dad died getting rid of stuff but still.

After the Mother Ship decided our local office would close for good and I became a permanent telecommuter, I did get rid of most of what passed for biz-caz [except for my fave skirts] and more recently there was a Closet Prodject in a beach urchin’s old room. I can’t call that one successful yet. (That is only a semi hint 🐽)

Today. We took our old beeceeclettes and some other stuff on a little Jackson Road tour. There are three re-use centers on Jackson road. Who wants our stuff? Kiwanis was closed to donations (which I KNEW so not sure why we even went there but I wasn’t driving). Habitat took our kitchen items but were full up with old bikes. They told us Sharehouse wasn’t accepting donations but it turned out they WERE and YES they wanted our bikes and it was otherwise overflowing with stuff and people buying and donating. Sure wish I had taken a pic of that because it was pretty amazing.

We bought those bikes when Lizard Breath was a baby. They were Schwinn “mountain” bike 10-speeds. I was an Olympian bike rider as a kid. I could do tricks like riding no-handed and standing up on the SEAT with one foot, sticking my other leg out in the air behind me. Alas, I entered adolescence and back in the day in my town, girls who wanted boyfriends didn’t ride bikes. Or so I thought. Not riding a bike did NOT get me a boyfriend 🐽. Until the “mountain” bikes, I never learned how to ride a bike with more than one speed and got out of practice in general. Because of that, combined with being terrified of TRAFFIC, I haven’t been much of a bike rider as an adult.

The bikes were fine but the baby seats we bought did NOT have shoulder straps, which meant that when my baby fell asleep (and she ALWAYS did), her helmeted head would flop forward into my back and I was constantly worried that she would fall OUT! The second baby also did that but had an additional annoying habit of repeating, “Up the hill, up the hill”, over and over whenever we were going uphill.

The GG asked me if I thought we should ask so-and-so and so-and-so if they wanted the bikes before donating them. NO NO NO NO!!! These bikes need a LOT of repair/refurbishment and I REFUSE to saddle somebody else with a bicycle they don’t have time to repair. That just becomes a burden to them. There are people who ENJOY refurbishing old bikes. Better they go to somebody like that.

He refused to get rid of The Comm’s bike. It is a Collector’s Item? We’ll see 🐽

Yeek! I JUST NOW realized he wore his Mohammed Bombhead shirt throughout all of this… And we both FORGOT masks! That was okay for me as I didn’t plan on getting out of the car. The first place we stopped he went inside maskless and somebody handed him a mask PDQ 🐽. Jeesh!

3 Responses to “Fling-a-ding re-a-start?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have so much to get rid of too! Mainly Patt’s stuff although I did the majority of it during the few months after he died. Then it got personal. My girls need to figure out what they want to do with their stuff. (both garage and house) Ashley has gone through her belongings several times, but Alison hasn’t.

  2. Mark Axe Says:

    You had bikes all this time?!?

  3. GG Says:

    Yup. We’ve had bikes forever but never brought them to Birch Point. We now have a class 2 eBike! Its range is 20-40 miles and can cruise at 20 mph.
    (Enzo folding eBike)