Bear country

Oh, not here. These are my Mother’s Day impatiens (some of them). My beach urchin was worried that they looked a little sparse when she delivered them. To be sure, there were not a lot of flowers but they often look like that at first and there were BUDS EVERYWHERE. I potted them last weekend and have watered them diligently every morning and they are going like crazy (I couldn’t get an adequate pic). I only had trouble with them one year and it turned out that was because of a virus. The ones I got in the yooperland to pot at the moomincabin that year did not have the virus.

Sunday but not really Funday. I didn’t feel like I got much done today but I was trying to organize my brain to pack for a week or so at the moomincabin coming up. The idea is that I don’t want to spend a lot of time shopping in person up there and curbside is okay but not as robust as it is down here. Meijer does it through a third-party source and while the people are fine, you can’t exactly schedule it for say 9:00 AM and actually GET your grocks at that time. I finally figured out how it worked last summer when I realized (duh) a shopper has to commit to picking for your order. I have used Meijer delivery down here on the Planet Ann Arbor and it works MUCH better, probably because we are a much larger population center. Plum curbside and Argus delivery remain my faves though.

Being vaxxed, I am not as nervous about in person shopping as I was last summer when I DIDN’T DO IT AT ALL! But I still want to limit my time in stores. So I ordered some stuff (cleaners and a collection of small jars of herbs/spices) from Amazon Prime and have an order started at Plum to pick up later in the week. I couldn’t be bothered wandering around Meijer getting that kind of stuff. I’d rather be on the beach! I also have my eye on the park store and Neville’s market for any kind of onesy-twosy things I might need food-wise. There’s always something!

So this summer’s trips to the moomincabin SHOULD be less stressful than last summer. Before summer 2020 even started our governor BigGretch actually ordered that people could not travel to northern cabins that they owned unless they could quarantine for 14 days when they got there. Make no mistake. I am a huge supporter of Gretchen. She had some horrendous early-pandemic decisions to make without anything approaching adequate scientific information and then a bunch of yay-hoos plotted to kidnap her! Dump her out of a boat in the middle of Lake Michigan or execute her in Wisconsin? Something like that. I had prepared myself for the idea that I might not be able to spend time on my family’s beach for the first time in my life. It was not to be because she rescinded the order before Memorial Day. So I got there. It was just harder than usual and we couldn’t pack the moomincabin full of daughters and nieces and cousins and all manner of friends and SOs.

Also? It’s Bear Season. Our Northern Correspondent reported on fb that a black bear visited her deck last night. Did he knock? Someone wanted to know. Nope. His MO was knocking stuff off the deck.

2 Responses to “Bear country”

  1. Sam Says:

    No bears here (as far as I know) in SW Luce Co. [Fingers crossed.] Sighted two chunky woodchucks yesterday, and a busy hummingbird, probably a ruby-throated.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m glad that things are getting back to adapted normal. I will do the same as you–cautiously doing a few more activities and going out a bit more. (carefully)