It’s a cute pic if a little fuzzy but we want to disturb our feathered neighbors as little as possible. This nest is on the security light just outside the window in the Upstairs Lair. And no we don’t turn the light on when there’s a bird nest on it. The GG waits until the mooma bird is off gathering food and uses a selfie stick. 6-8 feet away a birdhouse is abuzz with chickadee hatchlings and house wrens are fledging (we think) from a birdhouse out in front.

At least it’s a good use of the selfie stick. It was a gift for me a while back and a very thoughtful one at that! Alas, I had little patience for learning how to use it properly. When I tried to photograph myself, the result made me look like I was trying to fend off a bear with a big stick. Also I don’t like to haul a whole lot of stuff around. My laptop and iPhone plus their various charging cables are more than enough.

I can’t remember how long it takes for robins to fledge. Last year when we came home from our Memorial Day trip, the babies in the nest on top of the light were fledging. I mean literally the minute we walked in the door. A couple weeks later, I was sitting feet away from a different nest when a baby plopped down right next to me. Robins built a nest in that location this year too but somebody pecked holes in the eggs so that family was unsuccessful. Nature is cruel.

Exhausted (in a good way) today. My ears were burning this morning until our daily defect meeting. Our QA “boyz” (young men on the Indian subcontinent) were ready to pounce on me with language-type questions. I LOVE this little corner of my job and I LOVE that they are SOOO good at English grammar, syntax, and punctuation. They catch all kinds of American English sloppiness and that makes our product better. The day continued in that kind of vein plus my brain multi-tasked as I put together Amazon Prime orders, added to my Plum order, made mental notes for an Argus order, and OPENED delivered Amazon Prime orders, stashing them in my staging area – the Landfill dining room table.

P.S. Three out of four eggs have now hatched 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I would love that too! I’m a language geek.