That’s one of the things my old coot used to say when he was told there would be chicken for dinner. “Shit” was another thing he would say and one of the beach urchins was within earshot of the second when she was about 10 and I don’t think she has ever forgotten it. That was the day my dad took us (she and me) to the mall. The KINROSS Mall, that is. Not a bit like Briarwood and her nose was totally outta joint. It’s just a grocery store with boring little stores and offices around the edge. Nowadays? Who the heck goes to any mall? The last time I was at Briarwood was a few years ago to buy an iPhone. (This event did NOT diminish her love for her granddaddy one iota.)

Anyway, the title is just about how today went for me/us. At work I re-engaged in an ongoing technological struggle where Excel refuses to load CSV files properly. Instead of putting all of the comma-delimited fields nicely into different columns, it puts all of the fields into the first column, commas and all. I have some clues about what’s going on but no happiness. I may have to consult the dev guys. They are wizards.

Cygnus is a great car but her tire monitoring system continues to have a mind of its own. No matter what we do, the light (and a little beep and a big square message box) comes on randomly. She’s going in tomorrow but the fix may not happen then because they may need to order parts. The taaars are fine and so is the vee-hickle but man oh man do I hate driving with dashboard lights on even if I know they are false.

For about a split-second, I was thinking maybe I shouldda bought a Honda CRV or a second RAV4. Both of those were considerations. But then a beach urchin bought a Crosstrek and I liked it. And I remembered that my first Honda (Accord), my fave vee-hickle ever, lit the check engine light about three months after we bought it AND it was FLASHING and there were electrical issues that I don’t exactly remember. Bad alternator. We never had another problem with that car except for the regular wear and tear crapola. Stuff happens.

This has stressed out the GG, who has been bird-dogging the issue to try to fix it himself. Another minor stress issue was that HE COULDN’T FIND MY SLEEPING BAG! We take sleeping bags to the moomincabin so we have less laundry to deal with when we’re there. This started waaaaay pre-pandemic. I’m more comfortable in my own little bag anyway instead of tugging covers back and forth. I couldn’t find it either. Since one possibility was that it was already UP there, I told him to bag looking for it. There are about a gazillion blankets up there and I’m taking my Smartwool leggings and I will NOT be cold. Nevertheless, he persisted and found my sleeping bag. And again, if we had less STUFF, things would be easier to find.

Oh yeah, all four robin eggs have now hatched.

2 Responses to “kkkkkkkkkkkkk”

  1. Mark Axe Says:

    The CRV has a cool song.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can’t stand not being able to find things and would persist until I figured it out. (like the GG) While I was gone on my trip, John detailed my Forester inside and out. It looks brand new!