I did it. I went in-person shopping at my fave Plum Market this morning. I went right when it opened at eight. There was hardly anyone in there. I wore a mask and I didn’t notice anyone without but again, hardly any shoppers. I kept a good distance from everyone I saw except my mouse from whom I got a quick grocery store hug but we got vaxxed together.

I was nervous about going but once I got inside, that completely disappeared. My mouse was there and Joyce my cashier buddy was there. She has COVID hair to rival mine but hers looks a lot better 🐽 The seafood guy was waaaaay friendly and chattering up a storm. We shared stories about filling our freezers with meat and seafood back in the “beginning” when we all thought we would be eating beans and rice for the duration.

I FORGOT HOW TO USE MY DEBIT CARD! I kept swiping and swiping and it wasn’t working and then the cashier asked, “Does it have a chip?” Yes! Yes it does. I knew that! I am such an idiot. I am not ready for crowds and I’m not quitting curbside yet but that felt pretty good.

Cygnus took a trip to the dealer and they found and replaced a funky sensor in one of her taaars. I hope that takes care of the problem. It makes sense because it was very intermittent and sometimes the light turned off by itself. And the tires are fine… But fingers crossed.

And I figured out my CSV problem. All I will say is I was working with ANCIENT excel files (1997-2003 application version). You don’t wanna know anything more. Now I have to go through and convert them all to a newer version. Busy work for times when my brain is taaarrred.

Tomorrow is gonna be a three-ring circus around here as I work and pack and try to endure whatever rummaging the GG gets into. I’m already being asked what I want to do when I’m up at the moomincabin and when I want to come back. Other than work and do chores, I want to beeeeee at the moomincabin. Walk the beach, talk to my cousins and friends, pot some impatiens, sit on the bench and watch the boats go by. Come back? We’ll see. It doesn’t really matter where I am any more and I think I feel brave enough about entering stores to buy grocks, etc.

2 Responses to “Re-entry”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I’m surprised that you were so initially nervous at the store. Vaccinated, you have SUPER POWERS. You are safe, and others are safe from you. You ROCK. :o)

  2. Margaret Says:

    I will still pick up too most of the time. It’s way easier! Being present is a good way to put it. Being there and walking the beach and enjoying the place. You are wise, grasshopper.