Trogdor the grrrrrrrump

He’s not really all that grumpy. I am probably more often a grump. I was REALLY grumpy this morning when I saw him start to pack stuff into Cygnus. I was planning on putting my clothes, grocks, and technological crapola and pretty much NOTHING else into Cygnus. Maybe Frooggy. I had thought the reason we were taking two vee-hickles (plus a camping trailer) was so I would have my own transportation while he’s off camping with his girlfriends. But nope. We are taking both vee-hickles so he can haul a whole bunch of crapola up there. Grrrrrump!

Me? I have two rolling suitcases full of clothes. I have TWO because ya nevah know whatchyer gonna have to deal with weather-wise in the yooperland. I have everything but boots and Yax. Grocks? I have FOUR bags of non-perishables lined up ready to go and will pack perishables in the morning. I always haul meat/seafood, etc. up there. It isn’t that the Sault Ste. Siberia area is anywhere near a food desert. I just have my fave markets down here plus some stuff ordered online from Luke’s Lobster. I don’t really need to haul non-perishables up there. Partly it’s a hangover from my pandemic year. But also if I haul stuff up it decreases my time spent in Meijer. I love Meijer and am sooooo glad they built a store there. For one thing, it’s located such that I don’t even have to go IN town to get there from the moomincabin. Still, Meijer trips cut into Beach Time.

Part of my grumptastic-ness was fueled by more coffee than I probably needed this particular morning. There was also an incident where I couldn’t figger out how to unlock Cygnus to drive it over for a curbside pickup. Turned out the fob in MY hand wouldn’t open the car because there was a fob INSIDE it. I vaguely remembered Jalen telling us about this when we picked it up. Welp. Yup, there was a fob INSIDE the car. Why was it NOT in the KEY BASKET? A [LOUD] driveway Twitter play ensued.

KW: Will you put that fob in the goddamn KEY BASKET?
GG: Don’t be such a bitch!
KW: Being a Crabby Bitch is part of my charm!

Okay. Now I know how to unlock Cygnus when one fob is inside and one is out. I assume Mooon Yooonit works the same way but I haven’t driven her all that much.

Tomorrow we will join the unwashed masses to drive north to the yooperland for the holiday weekend. I will be following the Lyme Lounge all the way and it sounds like it’ll be rainy at least downstate. I like and dislike tandem driving.

One Response to “Trogdor the grrrrrrrump”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Stress and chaos always make me crabby and then I spout off. My husband’s plan was often not my plan–which could also cause grumpiness. He had a vision of how and what to pack but didn’t share it with me. Hope you get good weather up there and have a wonderful time away!