Colder’n blue blazes but no ice

Man oh man, what a drive! The first few hours featured heavy rain, wind, and the typical holiday weekend warriors. We foresaw that this holiday weekend could potentially be extra busy so we left early in the day and therefore didn’t encounter any slowdowns. Cygnus drove like a charm. What a nice little vee-hickle! She even purrs although her purr is not quite the same as the Ninja’s. My fears that she would be over-packed with crapola ended up being unfounded. I was told I could choose an aminal co-pilot and I chose Softy Beanbag since Froooggy and Green Guy have been up here guarding the place for a couple weeks.

We had considered lunch at the Driftwood but bagged it. I am not quiiiiite ready for indoor dining and it was too cold to eat outside and Iggy and Mack were uber busy with tourists today meaning crowds. We’ll get there.

So how do you like that scenery? Looks nice and sunny right? It is but it was colder than blue blazes this afternoon. Aside from other layers of clothing, I had to layer hats. A balaclava for warmth and a sun hat to shield my face from Mr. Golden Sun. And yellow sunglasses. They shield me from glare while still allowing me to see my phone, which is where I normally read books (and check weather and marine traffic and facebook and twitter and Insty and whatever).

So below is your fugly for today, a baggy old bag dressed up for sun and cold. And there is no ice here, not that we expect ice at this time of year. I’m of course talking about cocktail ice. There are USUALLY a few bits of snow left over on Memorial Weekend but not this year.

One Response to “Colder’n blue blazes but no ice”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The beautiful sun can be deceptive. How cold is cold? Hope it warms up for your stay.