Midnight sun

Actually it was 10:03 sun and the sun was down but sunset goes on for quite a while at this latitude as we approach the summer solstice. This sunset was not as spectacular as the one the night before (my cousin messaged me a pic of that one) but it made for a nice artsy (if I can apply that word here🐽) photo reflecting the moomincabin interior. This is not the first time I have taken this kind of pic…

We are inching along in terms of re-entering various “unwashed” public places. At least I am. The GG has been going INSIDE since I dunno when but always masked. NOW he is going inside UNMASKED. I am not in total agreement with that but it is CDC guidance and he is vaxxed (so am I) and in the grokkery store I accompanied into with him today, there was a mix of masked and unmasked faces. I was one of the masked and all store employees were also masked. I did not enter the hardware store. Oh yeah, I did shop at Parmer’s to get impatiens for the moomincabin but that was all outside including the cashier. This is a weird transitional time and I am masking in stores to respect those who cannot get immunized and might not know if my unmasked mug means I am vaxxed or lying about being vaxxed.

And then. The GG was about to leave to exchange an unexpectedly unwanted purchase from the grokkery store when I spied my cousins “Jeep and Pan” walking up to our cabin. They came INSIDE and I was SOOOOOOO happy to talk to them IN PERSON! And they brought homemade bread! 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Midnight sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m getting braver too, but still wearing my mask inside public places. Doesn’t do any harm and it may protect us from other “bugs” too.