Tomorrow is another day

riverAnd yes, tomorrow (i.e. today) did turn out to be another day. We were out of the house by about quarter to seven in the morning, hoofing it over to Bird Hills and then the river and along the riverside Border to Border Trail until we got to the Northside Grille, where I had a Pontiac Trail for breakfast. Home through town past the finish line of the Dexter-Ann Arbor fun run or whatever it it’s called. Man those people looked tired and hot and some of them looked like they were in pain. I guess there is a point to running a race because so many people do it. If you like to run, go for it! I will be there cheering you on! I like to get a *lot* of exercise. But I do like to get it at a slower pace. Walk, ski, kayak. I think bicycling is great too. I’m just too chicken these days to mix it up with vee-hickular traffic. And I have an old bike with squeaky brakes, yada yada.

And then, we got home and I ran errands. I managed to leave my memory card reader* up at the moominbeach last weekend. It is in the same Trader Joe’s bag that my UFP is in, I will bet dollars. I won’t be back up there until three weeks from now and I can live without my UFP for that long but I *need* a blasted card reader. Problem. *Both* big-box office supply stores I went to today DO NOT CARRY a cheap and simple memory card reader like the one I left at the beach. This is a new development. I know, because I did the same thing a few months ago (yes, really, except that time I left it at Houghton Lake) and was able to easily find a replacement then. Now they only have these expensive multi-card readers. I DO NOT NEED ONE OF THOSE!!! I think they have made a bad business decision discontinuing the other ones. Luckily Tarjay came to the rescue with a perfectly good little card reader for *six* dollars, which is about a third what I expected to pay, so yay for me!!! I was out by Tarjay because I was making a secret run to JoAnn Fabrics for a secret ingredient for one of my *new* UFPs!!!

Home again, worked on UFPs and dungeon and the GG vacuumed!!!! I *hate* to vacuum. Actually I don’t hate to vacuum, I just hate to move furniture, crud, and corruption around so I *can* vacuum. Hint to 2009 xmas list makers: Roomba. You can get me a cat to ride around on it too. If you want to be bored by pictures of our hike, click here or on the pic. For pictures of this hike or parts of it at other seasons, click here (October) and here (late November) and here (a very colorless January day).

* A memory card reader is a little USB device that I can stick my camera’s memory card into, plug it into my computer and transfer photos. It looks a lot like a flash drive (or jump drive, or key drive, or whatever you call those). I do NOT miss the days of floppy disk photo storage!

5 Responses to “Tomorrow is another day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s looking very green, and floral and pretty there. I like to run, but only a couple of miles or so. I am not into punishing my 50+ year old body that much! I don’t know what a card reader is! Oops. And I hate to dust, not vacuum. I love making pretty lines in the carpet.

  2. Sam Says:

    Loved the photos, esp bridge photos & wet grass….

  3. ann white Says:

    The Roomba is an awesome wonderful addition to any home with pets. I rescue pups and run my Roomba every day and love, love, love it! Get it now!

  4. grandmothertrucker Says:

    HAHAHA!! I got to see Suzie in Florida today, and she got to see my big truck! Suzie looks very good. I managed to get a picture. Loaded up with Classy Tomatoes in Palmetto, and I’m headed to Anaheim California with them.

  5. Dog Mom Says:

    “thumb drive” is yet another moniker I’ve heard attached to those little flash drive thingies.

    As for memory card readers, never owned one; I just use a USB cable to attach my camera to my Mac and let iPhoto do the rest!