Plassover (except not)

Another step into re-entry. BFF and The Guru schlepped over here from their cabin an hour or so to the west. They had two missions. 1) Meijer. 2) Us! We met at Clyde’s drive-in by the Sugar Island ferry, ordered our food to go, and set ourselves up at a pic-a-nic table over in the adjacent Goose Poop Park. WOLFED down our burgers, then headed out the Back Way (tee hee) to the moomincabin for the afternoon.

As we were walking the beach, this rain storm was forming. I was bound and determined it was gonna be a plassover. You are wondering what a plassover is? Does KW need a better proof-reader than the GG, who struggles to keep up with his wife’s hypergraphia? Nope, at least not in this case. Okay, soooo. A *passover* is a rainstorm that passes above the moominbeach across the mouth of the St. Marys/Whitefish Bay into Canananada without dipping down on to the moominbeach. A *plassover* is the same phenomenon after Beer Lunch on the Beach. It’s a Radical Betty-ism similar to “Oh look at the strawdaddies that Grandberry has picked”. I can’t remember if I was old enough to partake in Beer Lunch when “plassover” was coined but I remember we all gnoffed and gnoffed and gnoffed. I remember the strawdaddies/Grandberry thing but I was *definitely* not old enough to partake in whatever mischief was going on then.

I was wrong about today’s storm being a plassover. It did end up briefly dumping heavy rain on us. We need MUCH more but we’ll take what we can get. I won’t begin to try to describe the shifts in weather throughout the day. The temperature changed with the wind direction and Mr. Golden Sun’s hide and seek behavior. I will say that it was dead calm this morning, meaning MOE-skee-TOES were out in full force and although I don’t think I was actually bitten, the fact that they kept going for my ankles caused my ankles to ITCH all afternoon until I finally washed my feet. TMI?

We have seen BFF and the Guru since you know when. Last summer they stopped by our back yard on The Planet Ann Arbor on their way back to their main residence in Atlanta. We definitely distanced at that time. Today we were mostly outside but braved a bit of inside time and hugs before they left. Yes we are all vaxxed. 🧡🧡🧡

One Response to “Plassover (except not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My grandfather was a Mr. Malaprop (my mom is too) and I wish I had written down some of their sayings. I remember my mom saying “it was a horse of a different ball game.” and “he didn’t have a penny to rub together.”