Missed opportunity

Do you want to go for a bote ride? Well, no… I wouldda had to change my clothes. I had some kitchen work to do, cooking prep and putting back together the under-sink area that I cleaned within an inch of its life today. And I was reading a really good book and wanted to finish it. I am telecommuting this week but The Mother Ship gave us a freebie day off today so my work “week” starts tomorrow. But then again (duh), I telecommute EVERY day but I am doing it from the moomincabin this week.

Anyway, I missed a beautiful trip over dead calm seas to check out the salty in the parking place. The Whistler has been there since last evening. I think it had to stop there because of some kind of problem but not sure what because usually the pilot botes are quick to assist salties through the St Marys.

I follow a pilot boat guy on Insty. He posts a lot of pics and video of climbing up and down ladders onto salties to drive them through the St. Marys River system. These are interspersed with pics of tornado chasing out in Colorado. I can’t figger out his schedule. One minute he’s piloting freighters through the Soo Locks, the next he’s chasing tornadoes (which are almost non-existent in Lake Superior). All I can say is what a job! Except I wouldn’t like those ladders… But this pilot bote guy wasn’t around to deal with Whistler or the Finnborg, which came down late this afternoon.

Dinner tonight? Beef tenderloin and sea scallop kebabs with veggie kebabs, rice, and sliced heirloom tomatoes. Plenty leftover for tomorrow night!

One Response to “Missed opportunity”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t like those ladders either, or the very narrow quarters on ships. I’ll take those veggie kebabs!!