The Daily Bear-On-Deck Report

First of all no, the pic has nothing to do with bears or yooperland decks. This is Cubelandia. Empty. My cube was somewhere in the vicinity of that pole. I think it was in the QA Food Cube, which was next to my cube. A couple of those doors to the right of the pole lead to the lunchroom, which I had a view of from my cube. I stole the pic from Amazon Woman who was there ALL DAY the last day and took a bunch of pics. I was always careful about posting pics of Cubelandia because it is a secure workplace and you can’t be too careful. But since we are now out for good, I think this one is okay and apologies to AW for stealing her pic (she doesn’t know about my blahg). The last pic was of her finger hitting the light switch.

So. The Daily Bear-On-Deck Report. For several days in a row Our Northern Correspondent has texted me the location (her deck, P&G’s deck, whatever) and time of bear sightings. Dog vs. bear behavior if the deck-owners also own dogs. This morning I did not get a DECK report exactly. What I got was a pic of BIG BEAR POOP on the ground in front of her house. I had a half thought of posting it but in the end decided it wasn’t really appropriate for a [mostly] G-rated blahg. I did text it to a few people and the GG replied with a question that wasn’t very polite 🐽

I have never actually seen a bear here although I have certainly seen scat, just not near the moomincabin. I think one possible reason we don’t see them is because there is nothing much on our deck that would attract attention. We stopped feeding hummingbirds many years ago (because neighbors were finding bears at their feeders) and I keep garbage securely locked up in the garage until I’m ready to take it up to the res to dump (a wonderful service!). Not that others are not doing what they can to discourage bears. At this time of year I think most people keep bird feeders empty.

Years ago, we had a rare hot night and I wanted to keep the screens in the doors all night. My old coot was adamant that we put the glass windows back in so bears wouldn’t get in. I thought he was being overly cautious but my parents did live here all summer. They “moved out” around 4th of July and returned to their house in Sault Ste. Siberia at the sight of the first snowflake. He may have known more than I did and with the Daily Bear-On-Deck Report, I am re-thinking a bit.

I would probably do something like my parents did if I lived in Sault Ste. Siberia as an adult. But. I live on The Planet Ann Arbor. I have LOVED A2 since I was a little kid visiting my cousins there and I LOVED bringing up my kids there, and I LOVE living there now. And I LOVE it in the summer. So I forever struggle with life as a hybrid yooper/annarborite, traveling back and forth.

And… Bear-On-Deck hyphens are poetically intentional 👺.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s great to have many homes and places that you love.