Moom, is it weird to stay at your kid’s house?

lizrenee.jpgWell, in a word, yeah! In the back of my head throughout the entire weekend has been a picture of me sitting in the reading chair with a very small, pretty, curly-headed blonde, blueberry-eyed baby girl. Talking, playing, singing, reading. Babies are nice. I used to tell her that over and over and over again. And yet here we are, 21 years later or so and this afternoon she very kindly rebuffed my offer to drive if she was tired because she knows where she’s going and it’s easier to deal with the insanity of the local six-lane freeways from the driver’s seat than navigate for someone who’s unfamiliar with them. And, you know what? She’s right. I wonder how many times I’ve told someone, “no thanks, I like to drive.” And I do like to drive and I’m good at it and so is Liz. Anyway, the Courtuenkels took good care of me and I am exhausted but happy. If I were 22, I’d love to live in this place. But I’m not 22 and I have a ratty old house and a cabin or two back in the Great Lake State. And an octo-woman or two and assorted other relatives and friends. Y’all know who you are. Day-twa tomorrow at 3:49 EST. Be there or be square. You know who you are.

One Response to “Moom, is it weird to stay at your kid’s house?”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Whoa. Sure can tell Renee & Liz are mega-related!!! Same smile, same head-tilt, eyes, etc. Gorgeous, both of ’em, to boot!!

    And…happy to hear Bananne/Kayakwoman has had a blast – can’t wait to hear the stories IN PERSON (with pix, of course!!). We need to do a potluck or “sumfin’*. SOON!!!!!!! Enough ‘hattans or ‘tinis and I’ll have to bring along a sleeping bag… 😉