Hot or Not

Serious heat wave. I walked and hung out on the beach early this morning. By the time I was ready to head back down there again, Mr. Golden Sun was waaaaay too hot and bright for me so I hung out on the deck instead. A late afternoon breeze mitigated the heat a bit but also brought down a branch out by the garage. I haven’t investigated that yet but it didn’t sound big. It’s a wee bit early in the season for a dip in Gitchee Gumee so I’m contemplating Second Shower. I’ll try the beach again at sunset. The pic is from last night.

Back when I was a Bikini Girl (in the Jurassic Age🐽) I was a sun worshiper. I am a “blonde” but my skin tans pretty well (after burning) and back in the day I’d’ve been all Hawaiian Tropic’ed up on my striped beach towel in the sand. Before y’all get toooo judgmental about this, consider that the moominbeach is in the great lake state’s yooperland, not Fla. We have like nine months outta the year when we completely cover our skin BECAUSE WE ARE COLD! And some summers are COLD! I remember meeting Radical Betty on the beach one July day and she had a winter jacket and GLOVES on and said, “We just get a little BOX of summer!” in a disgusted tone of voice.

I stopped exposing my skin to Mr. Golden Sun a while back. I mean I stopped STUPIDLY exposing my skin. I think some exposure is good, especially in a northern clime. I do NOT wear bikinis any more (you’re welcome) and I simply don’t care about getting a tan any more. I have a bunch of GREAT sunhats from Sunday Afternoon. Three or four of them are at the moomincabin and are available for any visitors to use. I wash my hair EVERY DAY and haven’t had lice since my adult children were in elementary school. Oh man that was fun. I had a three day diarrhea bug and lice at the same time… 🐽

2 Responses to “Hot or Not”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lice and diarrhea–terrible! That would have been horribly stressful. I liked to get a bit of a tan as a teenager but that changed when my dad got skin cancer. I’ve been careful ever since.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Winter coat and gloves in July. Sounds like heaven. In my next life, I hope the karma gods send me to some place with long cold winters and a small box of summer. In the DC area we get summer from May through October.