Bear bait

Can you tell that the aminal on the left is a bare bear? I swear the GG cannot seem to RELIABLY text me a FULL SIZE pic of anything. Embiggening this one doesn’t help much. But a bear is what it is and we (me and the beach urchins) received this pic sometime late this morning. BTW, the GG is WALKING down that road and he is walking ALONE! No harem today.

Okay, so yes it is a bare bear and he is solo hiking. I already said that. The next text was that THE BARE BEAR started WALKING TOWARD HIM! He scared it away and I will have to be a bit cryptic about how he did that on my blahg. It involved an Implement Of Too Much Fun and while I am not rabidly anti-IOTMF, I am not sure that this particular IOTMF would be very handy in the event that the bare bear was not deterred by the warning.

Okay. But then. I didn’t hear from the GG again for HOURS!!! That is normally okay but… Like… Did the bear STAY away? Did it come back? I wanted to know that he was alive. Unfortunately there is VERY spotty service in the Porcupine Mountains and I did not hear until very recently. To be honest I figgered he was okay but was still glad to hear from him. He couldda waited until the end of the day to let us know about the bear encounter and its successful outcome.

Oh, the whole bare bear thing? We do NOT have ANY BEARS in southeast lower Michigan. They do not live there. A number of years ago there were bear sightings in the village of Dexter, 10 miles west of my house the Landfill, on the far west side of the Planet Ann Arbor. Except I don’t think anyone ever actually SAW a REAL bear. Because they are NOT THERE! The cub reporter who was assigned to follow the story on mLive (our online local news source) insisted on spelling it “bare”. A bare bear? I gnoffed and gnoffed at that but only after I realized it took me most of the way through the article to notice the misspelling. None of us are perfect, are we?

One Response to “Bear bait”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am terrified of bears. Three times (so far) to Alaska and no bears yet (but one large moose). How did he scare it away??