It was a nice quiet six days here alone at the moomincabin and now the GG is back and sitting around on the deck in his underwear. Green underwear no less. Grass green. What is the world coming to? At least nobody can see him unless they come over to visit and people really aren’t that much. I don’t think we’re all quiiiiite over COVID yet, especially introverts like me.

I hit up Meijer again today, just after eight. Knock on wood, I am okay with stores again. All of the employees are masked. Most of the customers are masked (including me) and I can stay away from those who are not. The ingredient I couldn’t find today was dry sherry. I have a couple recipes that I put a splash of sherry into, therefore I don’t buy it very often and it seems to be one of those things that gets moved around. I wanted to make one of those recipes tonight and there’s no sherry at the moomincabin. My gal found it today (yay). This was not a young person although probably younger than me and I always wonder when I encounter older folks working with the public if they have worked throughout COVID. I admit to feeling some guilt that I could so easily hole up for the duration. We’re all human beings and I was maybe luckier than some. I ran a cash register (an old fashioned one) as a kid and I LOVED it. Except for the pay.

And then my debit card didn’t work AGAIN. I had another card that did. I may have to order something online to make sure it hasn’t been blocked for suspected fraud or something AGAIN. Nope. It’s just me sitting on my you-know-what ordering stuff online during a pandemic.

The rest of the day was work work work and hot hot hot. It culminated in an email bout with Mr. Bear that turned my brain into Swiss cheese. And then Mr. Green Undies arrived. Hey, that reminded me of Mr. Green Jeans! I couldn’t remember what show he was on so I did the google (Captain Kangaroo) and couldn’t help but notice that at the top of the google’s “people also ask” questions was an eye-opening “Was Mr. Green Jeans Frank Zappa’s father?” No. He wasn’t.

I think I’ll stop now. Like I said, my brain is Swiss cheese 🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember Mr. Green Jeans! I want to get more comfortable with stores. I’m not there yet.