A beach urchin wearing her dad’s expression

…and orthopedic shoes (I think) to correct a toe that pointed in. The first shoes I remember were little old navy blue lace-up Keds tennis shoes. But yeah, that particular expression mimics my dad. Other times I look more like a MacMu. “My MacMullan is showing,” is what I like to say.

When I first worked for the LSCHP, he once told me I looked scary. After a split-second I realized I was making an expression my dad used to make. It wasn’t scary to me when my dad made it because I knew it was made for fun but I could understand why someone else might think it was. It’s all kind of funny because the LSCHP is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known but he could be VERY scary when he needed to be although he didn’t exactly let his face show it. But that’s because if you need to be scary (even if you don’t want to be), you can’t let your face show it. My dad and granddaddy knew that too as small town bankers.

A minor mystery about this pic is that it is in COLOR. This was the mid-50s and I don’t think my parents owned a color camera until much later. So I’m guessing my uncle took this pic? He was an avid photographer and early adopter of various camera gear. He also excelled at getting uglies of all of us, which provided many good laughs when he presented family slide shows. I can still remember Radical Betty saying, “What was said?” every time a certain slide showed up where she, Susel, and npJane were lined up on a couch making absolutely awful faces.

I am perched on the beach bank playing with a pail and there are pulp logs visible behind me. We had tons of those on the moominbeach back in those days, escapees from big log booms floated (herded) down the St. Marys to the paper plant in Soo Ontario. They were great building material for forts and cocktail tables on the beach and play structures wherever and I think there were even some beds made from them in the Old Cabin back in the day.

There are sunsets and sunsets and sunsets. I dunno how many sunsets were captured on film by the generation above me. I do know that now that I can pull a phone/computer/camera out of my pocket and capture a high resolution COLOR image, there are tons of them. On my phone/computer/camera alone, not to mention all the other members of the moominbeach community, friends and family. This was last night’s. My cousin-neighbor Judd got a Scary Face version of this same sunset and I have seen other people’s photos posted.

Love y’all and g’night, KW

One Response to “A beach urchin wearing her dad’s expression”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful sunset! Postcard worthy. My late husband had some scary expressions but I can’t scare anyone. (even when I want to!) 🙂